Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Slyce And Its Shopping Technology

Slyce is a phenomenal company that offers an advanced visual search platform using visual means so that customers and can identify and purchase items instantly. By just taking a picture of the item using their smartphones, customers can search for the items in the platform to identify where they can purchase them. Slyce offers its services both independently and as a white label solution to retail stores by integrating the technology with their inventories. The technology involves using advanced visual technology and product recognition through the use of smartphones as well as through a desktop application.

To retailers, the technology allows them to be the exclusive point of interest to consumers when they come across products that they want to buy even when they are in their daily activities. This is because when people see images either on the web or in social media and they want to buy them, what will typically come into their minds is where they can search for a similar item. The technology acts as a gap between retailers and consumers.

Slyce was found on the precepts that technology can improve the way things are done including shopping. In 2011 when the technology was first introduced, the smartphone was seen as not just a communication tool but as a shopping tool that helps customers purchase items directly. The smartphone was also seen as a very instrumental tool for people sharing information with friends and followers by sharing links and images. The company used creativity and technology to come up with a technology that allows shopping to change the way it is perceived by many as tedious but instead becomes fun.

Initially, the company was started as just a consumer technology company and later upgraded to begin offering the same services to the B2B market. It’s marketing drive is deeply rooted in building partnerships and business relationships with leading retail outfits by providing white label m-commerce solutions. M-commerce has no doubt become a tremendous flow of revenue for retailers with 39 percent of the traffic being accounted to online sources. Slyce fulfills customer’s needs by making the journey from impulse buying to actual ownership seamless.

The company has also recognized that being excellent at image search is not enough for the expanding market, and that is why it improved its services from just offering discovery to real purchase. The technology powers either and independent consumer app or a retailer search application that delivers excellent results to the customer. To push its business forward, the company makes use of two different revenue streams by being an independent consumer app and an enterprise solution. This company is no doubt headed for bigger heights in making shopping easier for both enterprises and the customer.

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