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It is very likely that you have already heard of the famous makeup company, Lime Crime. What is unlikely is whether you know the person behind the business and the plethora of lipsticks offered. If you are a lipstick lover, you may know that there are many cosmetic items in the line. However, a company with high creativity and innovation in the makeup products and colors should highly interest you. The company has been able to create uniquely bold colors never seen in the market. The company has offered its products at affordable prices and won the hearts and following of many. Apart from the enterprise’s success, there is more about its founder and her bold fashion statement.


Doe Deere began her journey with makeup in 2008, after frustration due to lack of imagination and coming up with cosmetic products that could sell highly. She suddenly had a keen eye for bold makeup and decided that she would create them. She started Lime Crime Company and grew it to become a product known for its quality and highly pigmented product that comes in an array of multiple colors. The main products sold by the company are Unicorn Lipsticks and Velvetines. The products come in an array of colors and a diverse range of color thickness.

Doe Deere proudly states that her products are cruelty-free and have been acknowledged by the vegan company known as PETA. It means that the whole process of product manufacture, sales and consumer consumption does not harm or interfere with animal living. The products are solely made from plant origin.

Doe Deere is a highly successful fashion designer that brings together her influence from many years in Russia and her life training as a designer in New York City. The makeup company has grown to become the Unique online merchandise I is largely because of its CEO. Lime Crime has had many fans from all over the world follow and like it through their Instagram page. Most of the fans post photos with the makeup, and the limecrime hashtag included. The product has created an avenue where people that love bold colors express themselves.

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