Eva Moskowitz: A Pinnacle In The Education System In America

Eva Moskowitz is someone who is extremely passionate about the education system in the country. She is the founder of the Success Academy Charter Schools which is a range of schools in the city of New York. The Success Academy Charter Schools have been a huge benefit to the people living in New York City. Even though the city had the best of everything, the one thing that the city lacked was good schooling. Eva Moskowitz realized this need in the city and therefore decided to open up several private schools to give quality education to the children living in the big apple. She also wanted to put forth a school that not only focused on the educational aspect, but also on children’s overall development.


Currently, the charter has thirty-four schools under its belt. Eva Moskowitz has been an active supporter of private and charter schools since the beginning of her career. She has always held that quality education is the key to a developing country, and America children need to attain a higher level of education to progress in this competitive world indeed. Eva Moskowitz started the Success Academy of Schools in 2006, which then went by the name of Harlem Success Academy. It was a standalone school, but with how well it did, and with the brilliant response that it received, she decided to start up more schools in the area. Eva Moskowitz was at the forefront of the school charter movement, which was a movement that wanted to give private owners the power to start up their schools to improve the system of education in the United States.


Eva Moskowitz has always believed that education is not just for children, but for adults as well. She recently released a set of reading lessons to over fifteen thousand school officials across the country with a view to get them more engrossed in reading and to help them be better educators. By doing this, she wants to once again inculcate the love for reading in the minds of all those who are involved in schooling, be it the children who are being taught, as well as the teachers who are teaching them. Through this program, Eva Moskowitz wants to give teachers all over the tools which will help them in their classrooms, to make the entire experience of learning a lot more interactive and a lot more fruitful.


The love for literature and reading is something that Eva Moskowitz has always possessed. She was, in fact, a writer and a director who produced films. One of her films that stand out is the sociological aspect of women’s conditions in the aftermath of World War II and the effect that it had on the society back then. She has also authored numerous books that are focused on psychology and the aspect of giving children the right therapy to help them deal with their issues and problems. Her work is extremely highly acclaimed and looked up to in their respective fields.



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