Eric Lefkofsky’s Wife Diagnosed with Cancer Gives him an Opportunity to Create Temple

According to the latest statistics, over 600,000 people die of cancer in the United States every year. For the last 25years, the phenomenon is always increasing. However, doctors and technologists have no come up with a way to have this situation mitigated shortly. Life preservation should be the primary order for the doctors and medical practitioners in the world. However, they have put money ahead of the mitigated issue. Let’s imagine how information and dedication can change this life pattern. Information is power. If the doctors can use information to treat patients, we can keep more than 10 percent of the people dying from cancer alive each year. Read More Deatils .

Eric is one of the most prominent technologists in the United States. According to him, no one has a better understanding of what technology can do for our lives. He is the owner of the $2.2 billion Groupon Company dealing in the e-commerce business. This is a company that deals in linking merchants with their clients through the online and physical economic platforms. During the time when his business was flourishing, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the worst disease in the world because it has no known cure. However, its treatments can be expensive if the detection is not done early. Liz is Eric Lefkofskys wife. She is a prominent art collector and patron based in Chicago. When she was diagnosed with cancer, the family was astonished. Business came to a sudden standstill. However, they worked hard to get better results through mitigation of animosities statistics. lefkofsky at Twitter .

Cancer is one of a terrifying diseases in the world. While most doctors say that it is not okay, we might think that they are lying. While the family was trying all ways possible to cure the disease, Lefkofsky made the Temple operating system that keeps a record of all cancer patients’ information. Because information is power, doctors can use this information to prescribe the correct medicine for the patients based on the available data. For the entrepreneur, this was the biggest opportunity in his life to change the lives of many cancer patients throughout the world. for more .


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