Equity First Holding Stock Loans

Equity First Holding LCC has offered customers with different financial solutions, enabling clients to meet their personal and professional goals by supplying capital against a publicly traded stock. It has done this since 2002. Equity First Holding commonly abbreviated as EFH continues to provide finance against share traded on public exchanges around the world. EFH has successfully made transactions worth more $ 1.4 billion up to now, it has done this through providing clients with low fixed interests’ rates loans. EFH is a global company with offices in 9 countries such as the fully owned subsidiaries Equities First (London).

The Equity First Holding specializes mainly in the unusual loans. Due to the tightening of the conventional credit markets, EFH offers the alternatives credits, the stock loans which have been increasing gradually. Because every startup company usually struggles with securing funding EFH came in to fill in the gap offering creative alternatives. If possible stock loans are creative ways for many entrepreneurs to fund a business. EFH issues microloans to that business that would otherwise not qualify for a bank loan as a result of low income or poor credit that causes the interests rates to shoot up.

When most businesses is in their initial stages they struggle to generate significant revenue immediately. With large interest rates payment the pressure on the business to succeed buildup. The stock loans offered by EFH is a great alternative because of the lower interest rates. According to the survey that was carried out by the Equity First Holding a few years ago, 400 finance officers who were sample were asked if they would recommend a stock loan, 57% of them said they would.

Entrepreneurs and startups would benefit a lot by working with the Equity First Holdings this due to specific reasons, they offer their stock loans on simpler terms. For a period of three years equities is used by stock loans as collateral. For example, if a customer has stock in company A and knows the stock will increase in value in the years to come. Instead of liquidating his shares in the company the shareholder hands over the shares to the lender and gets the loan proceeds. The security that is brought by the stock loan is one of the loan’s important feature. The individual retain 100% of the of the company A’s stock increases in value during the loan term.In simpler terms, the business’s stock are used as collateral for the loan. The customer does have to sell their stock. Instead, the Equity First Holding will hold on to the business stock until the loan is paid up.

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