Equities First Has Launched An Innovative Lending Alternative

Equities First Holdings, LLC was established in 2002 and has its headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is an American company that offers security loan services for business investors. Equities First Holdings, LLC builds all of its loan transactions on integrity and transparency code. It ensures that business investors achieve loans at a minimum risk.

The Present Loan Concern

Many borrowers look for quick starting capital to expand or establish businesses. Most banks and lending institutions have put down the lid on their loan qualifications in the current state of affairs thereby closing loan opportunities for many prospective borrowers. Many lending institutions have tightened the loan qualifications and increased their interest rates. Hence, many borrowers opt for other alternative loan options.

Equities First Establishes an Innovative Lending Alternative

Equities First has launched an alternative loan option based on client stocks. Equities loans have achieved attractiveness as the substitute loan application for those who desire immediate business investment but may not qualify for the usual credit-based loans. Several business enterprises currently favor this substitute loaning option. It has naturally fixed interest rates and also presents higher loan-to-value ratio. These stock-based loans also provide assurance during the entire loan life cycle. The suggestion of providing loans security based on stocks appears practical and ground-breaking loan alternative for individuals who seek immediate working capital.

Advantages of Stock-based Loans

There exist market fluctuations which may lead to difficulties in borrower loan repayment in typical loan periods. The innovative stock-based loans present a borrower with the shield against any investment risks especially during instances of market difficulty. The Equities First CEO also says that Stock-based loans offer a borrower with non-recourse aspects that allow loonies to default from the loan even when the value of their business stocks decrease in cost. The stock-based loan present the loaned with an opportunity to default from the loan agreement and still keep the loan proceeds without having any additional obligation to the company. The stock-based loans also present the borrower with an unchanging interest charge of up to four percent and a loan-to-value amount of up to fifty percent. The borrower can utilize the stock loans for any reasons and is not limited to the company.

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