Dr. Mark Mckenna aka Doctor Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a Physician who is licensed to practice medicine in the states of Florida and Georgia. Dr. Mark Mckenna received his medical training at Tulane University Medical School. Dr. Mckenna is a highly respected and dedicated practitioner. Although, medicine is his primary field, Dr.McKenna, has a myriad of other lucrative businesses. These businesses have been successful, which demonstrates his enterprising nature.

One particular article entitled “Dr. Mark Mckenna and the New Age of the Docpreneur” chronicles many of his entrepreneurial endeavors. One of Dr.Mckenna’s first endeavors was in Real Estate. Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Katrina, most of his properties were destroyed. This caused Dr. Mark Mckenna to turn back to his roots in the medical field and create a specialty service called “Health company.” This is a venture that combines health, cosmetics, wellness and physical fitness.

One of Dr. McKenna’s newest ventures is a business called OVME. The ingenious service is described in the article,”Atlanta Now Has Botox On The Go With Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME.” The premise of this business is to provide Botox to patients at a location of their choice, preferably their home. This service is available in Atlanta, Georgia, but Dr. Mckenna hopes to make it national. This creative business allows patients to receive Botox in an environment they are comfortable in and gives them a greater sense of privacy and confidentiality. It is also more convenient because the patient does not have to exert the effort to travel.

OVME is proving to cater to technological needs with the pending creation of it’s App, which will basically be the Botox On The Go version of the Uber App. The ultimate goal for Dr. Mckenna is to bring OVME to the entire country using one app. The App would connect people desiring Botox with local providers. Dr. Mckenna’s App will most definitely be a “game changer” in a medical industry.


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