Don’t Neglect Your Reputation – Protect It with Status Labs

Status Labs, manages clients’ online reputations and the image desired projected around the world. This firm takes the PR image you wish to release and fulfills the image released to the public. This communication tool is used to attract audiences to your media and release specialized information that increases sales and return traffic designed for your business. With offices, in New York, Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA and Sao Paulo, they are able to successfully launch full-blown PR campaigns taking your success to the next level. With clients in more than 35 countries worldwide, their extensive knowledge of businesses, professional images, and media coverage required to reach all audiences are monumental.

Communication strategies help their customers digitally strengthen and engage their audiences to connect and experience participation in their image and products. While working with all types of firms around the globe, Status Labs also manage the image of many politicians, bring awareness to their programs and build public acceptance. Much of their work is performed digitally working with PR professionals, bloggers, and licensed journalists. Their services are customizable, not just text phrases, but images, video, and audio transmissions. Tracking and managing where the information appears, readership and distribution help identify your coverage and ranking, in particular, industries.

Creating and protecting a person’s personal image is just as important as a company’s image. Status Lab’s goal is to protect all client reputations using expert skills and techniques they have developed. Utilizing Google’s first page creates an immediate impression, the reputation you want people to recognize and remember. Status Labs have five simple tips for people and companies to follow when crafting a PR discussion or release.
Stay on Topic – Do your due diligence. Investigate, and research your topic. Don’t use fluff, use facts.
Think Elevator Pitch – Be concise, limit your content to 6 sentences. Include press releases at the end of your (pitch) email, after your message closing. Also, close your pitch with “call-to-action.” Add a question, such as, “Does this sound like it will work for your magazine?” Use the name of the magazine, personalize, don’t generalize.
Know Who You Are Contacting – Establishing a relationship with your contact through social media networking will help get you recognized when you write your email. Twitter and LinkedIn are useful tools for making that first impression.
Offer the World – Not literally, but ensure any attachments are good quality and photos of high resolution. The easier you make it for the journalist receiving the information, helps increase your chances you’ll have your contact will want to work with you again.
Following these easy suggestions will bridge your communications with the journalist, managing editor or assignment editor you are directing your communication.

With the growth of the internet, the rules of PR and managing images has changed, but the PR firms have not moved as quickly with the internet. This is why Status Labs have created in-depth relationships with the journalists and bloggers that are responsible entities for increasing branding and creating that digital footprint leaving a positive impression in the minds of the reader.

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