Discover How Jacob Gottlieb Became a Man of Balanced Professions

Jacob is one of the competent financial analysts the world is proud to have today. His skills and competence in financial management have been greatly awarded. The Investment Management and Research Association awarded Jacob Gottlieb with a Financial Analyst charter in 2001. He was a student at the Brown University where he pursued Economics. Besides studying economics, Jacob had a call in the medical profession. He decided to pursue a medical course at the New York University and attained his Doctor of Medicine. After his university studies, Jacob went to St. Vincent‘s Hospital for his medicine internship program.

Although he had acquired the medical skills and knowledge he needed to work in the medical industry, he couldn’t resist the inspiration the stock market brought his way. He had desired to be a financial pundit from his childhood. Jacob didn’t find it a challenge to leave the medical field and join the stock market industry. He knew he had a dream to accomplish no matter what it took him. He found his way to the Visium Asset Management where he became the Managing Partner. His zeal and passion for the stock market and other financial matters got him promoted to the CIO position. He also worked at Balyasny Asset where he was a committed founding member.

There was a better task for Jacob Gottlieb in England. The London-based Merlin Financial took Jacob Gottlieb as its investment portfolio manager. He has also worked at Sanford Bernstein & Co as a skilled buy-side analyst. He used these positions to amass a lot of financial experience and skills, which has helped him to be the famous financial analyst he has become. Jacob grew up in Brooklyn, the same place where he was born. During the 1960s turbulent in Poland, Jacob’s father migrated to the US where he became a reputable professor of economics. His mother specialized in pediatric medicine, and the two different professions became a great fascination for Jacob.


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