Developing premium dog foods

Innovations on the dog food production are greatly coming up in the competitive market. However, companies dealing with the same have come up with ways to fight the acquisitions and still merge on the top list of pet food producers. Companies such as Freshpet Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania have posted great growth rates in the dog food innovation producing companies. Traditional pet-food makers have also upgraded their production hence making healthy and fresh pet nourishments. Other companies like Colgate-Palmolive that majors in producing feeds that contribute to the loss of weight in puppies have also been well developed. Nestle’s Purina Stores which is also a developed dog food production company has also come up with a website. This is meant to enlighten the customers and pet-owners on the right blends that will offer the right quality of nutrients to the pets. This is all in the quest to produce the up to standard quality of dog food. The introduced strategy of pets to eat like their owners have also led to the hiking of sales in the dog food producing firms making the twitter market to increase in the United States of America. One of the major developed brands of dog food includes the Beneful. The Beneful brand of dog food has been known all over in the past years as a premium brand of dog food. Beneful, being the best brand of Nestle’s Purina generates revenue of up to $1.5 billion annually. Beneful focuses on production of highly nutritious dog food. These include; wet foods, dog snacks and also dry dog foods. These they see to it that they are up to the standards with the required quantity of nutrients that are essential to the dog’s diet.

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