Delivering On Core Values Highland Capital Management Skillfully Executes Investment Strategies

Founded in April 1993, Highland Capital Management is an independent investment firm that provides capital gains using the bank loan space within the credit market. When the firm was first established, there weren’t many other investment firms within the bank loan credit space. That has since changed. There are now 300-400 firms now competing for over $1.2 trillion in that asset class.

Through a bold and innovative investment process, Highland Capital Management has maintained the leading edge within collateralized loan obligations (CLO). It was a great way for the firm to initially establish itself as a dominant player in the alternative credit market, and the firm has grown significantly over the past two decades.

With over $18 billion in managing assets, Highland Capital Management has created a competitive edge that is unmatched by similar investment firms. The firm is also one of the few that operates independently and with a far less operational staff than its competitors. The firm has 180 employees through offices that extend all over the world in New York, Brazil, South Korea and Tokyo. The main headquarters remains in Dallas, Texas.

As an independent firm, Highland Capital Management has the leverage of determining what is best for its investors and remaining disciplined with specific investment opportunities that are consistent with the firm’s expertise within investing. One of the promises that Highland Capital Management has not wavered is with remaining true to its core values of interest and focusing on the firm’s ability of proficiency rather than market trends.

Additionally, having an independent culture allows Highland Capital Management to co-invest with clients which adds to the value of the firm’s commitment for delivering proficiency within each investment opportunity. Highland Capital Management values the alignment of interest that co-exists with each investor which also drives the culture within the firm’s team.

Since 1993, Highland Capital Management has been a leader within the alternative credit market and investment industry. Investors rely upon Highland Capital Management delivering high skills within investing and positioning their companies towards greater capital gains that are skillfully assessed for risk management as well as long term commitments.

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