David McDonald: President of food manufacturing company OSI Group

OSI Group is a leading food production company. Recently it has been in expansion mode. It has acquired many companies around the world as a way of expanding their multi-billion dollar food business to many parts of the world. OSI group has been targeting those companies that have products similar to what they want to supply. They also look for companies that have similar values and goals to what they have.

OSI group offer its customers quality food products in large scale and retail brand. OSI Group has put the message clear that they mean business and that anyone who would like to join the industry needs to have their plan laid out well because they are ready to rule the food manufacturing industry. In the last one year, the food company has set up over seven new food processing and production facilities in various cities around the world.

David McDonald is the president of ISI Group. Together with his CEO Sheldon Lavin, they have worked in establishing the company not only in terms of capacity but also in its product development capacity. The purpose of having a better product development strategy is aimed at providing the customers with the best products. OSI Group is ready to partner with its clients so that they can grow together. Clients will help the company is establishing the nest products to manufacture. Such as strategy will drive both OSI and clients’ sales up.

The product development strategy that OSI Group has adopted will help them avail what the consumer wants. OSI Group has specialized in supplying natural, organic and premium specialties, though very affordable. OSI Group targets to influence human health and productivity by releasing products which are safe and healthy for human consumption. Ever since he became the president of this company, there have been drastic improvements in the company.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. He was born in Iowa. He holds a degree in Animal Science. His first role at OSI Group was working as a project manager. He worked for the company consistently showing good results and was finally appointed to be the president of the company.


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