David Giertz Advice on Preparing for Retirement

David Giertz is a renowned financial expert. He has been in the financial industry for more than three decades. He has held several key positions in the financial industry and has gained extensive experience in the field. He was the president of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution Organization where he delivered some of the best results for the company. He is also a Certified Business Coach with the World Association of Business Coach and he achieved World Class Gallup for his great roles in the industry. He has also worked as a Financial Services Advisor with Citigroup and he was promoted to the position of Executive Vice President for his good financial prowess. He holds an MBA from the University of Miami and his bachelors from Millikin University.

David Giertz has aired his views on retirement, and on how one should get prepared for the ultimate cause of retirement. According to him, most Americans are not wholly prepared for retirement and they have not saved more for the cause of their retirement. Retirement can be one of the most expensive and hard ventures especially if one retires early or fail to save for his retirement. Life after retirement can be hard venture if one is not prepared enough for retirement. Many people make ultimate mistakes in their working years that do not add up to their retirement benefits. Most retirees pull out their social security funds immediately after their retirement. According to David Gierts, the move is financial suicidal as it leads to early financial constraints in few years after retirement. One should try pulling out his/her retirement benefits eight years after retirement.

It is therefore prudent to save money from the early years when he/she start working. Saving early is one of the fundamental requirements for sustainable retirement. It is quite difficult to start saving money when it is nearing your retirement. People should, therefore, start saving money monthly so as to live sustainable and fulfilling lives after retirement. He recommends that people should plan ahead for their retirement benefits and should consider saving Saver’s Credit in an effort to safeguard their financial future.

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