Daniel Taub Suporter of Jewish People and Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Daniel Taub is the current Israeli Ambassador in the United Kingdom. He will end his tenure during this coming summer. He has accomplished a great deal. Trade between the two countries has doubled during his four year term. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html and http://www.daniel-taub.com/

Business, academic and the cultures of the two countries have become closer. Over 300 Isaeli owned businesses have been set up in the United Kingdom. Trade between the two countries is estimated to be between 5.5-7.0 billion dollars.

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. He became the Israeli Ambassador in 2011. He went to Northern Ireland at one time as a peace negotiator and to further learn about the current situation going on there at the time. At one time Britain’s largest student union took a vote and decided that a boycott of Israeli goods and services would be a good thing as far as they were concerned. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Daniel Taub grew concerned about this. In an interview with the media outlet called the Jewish Chronicle he stated that he had become concerned about the atmosphere going on in some college campuses that were anti Jewish in nature.

He wanted to make sure that people could be openly supportive of Jewish people at these campuses and the state of Israel without being afraid and being intimidated in some way for their open support of Jewish causes and the Jewish people themselves.

One would hope that this type of racist behavior on the part of some individuals in the United Kingdom would not be a concern in today’s modern age but negative attitudes still exist there and in many other places. The fact that people who openly supported Israel feared for their safety is rather frightening indeed.

This anti Israeli sentiment reached a frenzy at one point in the city of Bradford in the United Kingdom. George Galloway was the city’s representative to parliament at the time. He claimed that the city of Bradford was an Israeli free zone.

Daniel Taub visited the city and condemned the behavior. An Israeli free zone for all it’s worth really means a zone where there can be no Jewish people allowed. People should find this kind of behavior shocking. Jewish people have always been the victims of scapegoating.

It is easy to blame one’s personal shortcomings on other people thus absolving one’s self of any personal responsibility for one’s lot in life. Let us hop that people like Daniel Taub don’t back down for what is right.

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