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They have not been in the entertainment industry for long, but their performance says otherwise. Chainsmokers have more fans than expected.The Chainsmokers began their journey making music in 2015 and with their song Roses, the conquered the industry. Their song did not give them a name for only a few days and months instead, their name and song made it big in the music and entertainment industry. Chainsmokers is comprised of two artist Alex Pall, and Andrew Taggart. The two are passionate about dance music and they have created several other songs which also hit among them Don’t let me down which is a Grammy-winning tune, Paris, Closer, and Something Just Like This.

The success of the two duos have come very early in their career, and a task of dealing with the success can be a daunting task. Mr. Andrew and Alex have already entered into the darker territory and they are making every effort to ensure that they are taking all their fans with them. Fortunately most of their fans are already there. Andrew and Alex are electronic superstars who recently released their latest single “Sick Boy”. The duo got an opportunity of performing at the Hilton during the American Express Card special event. Before their performance, they were asked about their new release Sick Boy and they said that their songs revolve around their lives and what is happening in the society. Andrew said that is sad and frustrating how people view you and even go to an extent of judging who you are. In their song Sick Boy, they talk all about the issues and how one cannot be themselves because of such issues.

The Chainsmokers is a group of two Americans Alex Pall and Andrew Tagger. The two are entertainment artists, DJs, and producers. In 2014, the two artists came into the limelight with their song Selfie which became among the top songs in the United States of America as well as other countries. In 2015 Andy and Alex released their debut EP which comprised of songs including; Roses.

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