Dan Newlin Can Be the Right Personal Injury Attorney for You

Personal injury cases can be very overwhelming for the victim and his family. For those unaware of what a personal injury is, this is a type of wrongful damage or injury to a person, his property, his rights and his reputation. The damage can be at work or on the road through a traffic accident. In many cases, personal injury may occur by using some faulty product or with an incorrect medical treatment and approach. Damage to a person also includes his physical injuries, mental injuries and psychological conditions. If you are in Orlando and looking for a personal injury attorney, then Dan Newlin law firm can be the right option for you.

Dan Newlin and his team have worked on several personal injury cases. They have helped many victims and recovered more than $150 million for injury and accident victims. His firm is serving in South Florida for more than a decade from now. His team specializes in assisting and representing accident injured victims and personal injury cases. The Law Office of Dan Newlin includes some of the highly experienced lawyers with dignified recognitions.

Recently, attorney Newlin and his team worked on a personal injury case of a traffic accident case. The victim had suffered from a massive brain and facial injury post accident. Even though the other party was at fault as per the eyewitness evidences and traffic rules, the victim didn’t receive any compensation from the insurance company. He and his family had to wait for 15 months to receive their rightful compensation. After Dan Newlin took the case, the matter was solved with a negotiated settlement of $950,000 for the victim from the Mainstreet America Group. Even after more than a year from the accident day, the case was in the favor the victim. During a press meeting, Newlin stated that the country’s legal system does give each victim the right to pursue their benefits through legal actions even after a few years of the incident.

In a similar case of wrongful personal injury to a teen, attorney Newlin worked hard to get the rightful compensation for the victim. Due to the shooting by a gang member, the teen was left in a vegetative state from the day of the incident. Through such cases, this Florida attorney also sends out a powerful message for those who are involved in causing the damage accidentally or unlawfully.

Now the Dan Newlin’s law firm has also a new office in Chicago. He is licensed to practice and provide legal services in Chicago and in Illinois. After serving in Florida for more than a decade, now his law firm will provide all types of legal assistance and outstanding legal services in Chicago, Illinois. Whether you are looking forward for some legal advices on personal injury or settlement cases, you can always seek for assistance and advice from the Newlin Law Firm in Florida and Chicago.

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