Computer Program Can Distinguish a Genuine Pollock Painting From Forgery

For years, critics of modern artist Jackson Pollock have pointed out that he literally just threw paint at a canvas. They say that anyone could do the same thing. As a matter of fact, because Pollock’s paintings are so easy to imitate, there have been many forgeries of his work that have been sold as originals. It’s hard for even art critics to tell the difference between a fake Pollock and the real thing.

However, a computer program has recently been developed which can distinguish fake Pollock pieces from real ones with 93% accuracy; this is a better percentage than what Pollock scholars can do stated Jaimie Garcia Dias. According to linked in, the pictures are first scanned and then analyzed by the program. There is an article about this computer program on the website.In my opinion, this is very interesting. For years, people have talked about how computers will never be able to totally do what humans can since they lack human powers of perception and cognition. Telling real human art from fake human art seems like it would be something humans would be better at than machines, but in this case apparently not. Maybe machines can be more “human” than humans.

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  • I think about whether this specific PC program could really show improvement over Jackson Pollock himself at recognizing fake Pollock pieces from genuine ones. It is also going to ensure that essay help would be the proper thing to look for after all and it’s good to consider that as well.

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