Clay Siegall and his Commitment to treat Cancer

Clay Siegall is the founder and also the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. Based in Seattle, Seattle Genetics is a biotech company specializing in the development of targeted therapy drugs for types of diseases that have not experienced significant mortality improvements for many years. Dr. Clay graduated from the University of Maryland where he studied BS in Zoology. He also attended the George Washington University where he got his PhD in Genetics. DR. Clay Siegall started the Seattle Genetics in 1998 and has ever since steered the company to achieve tremendous growth and success. He led the biotech firm in developing an antibody drug conjugate which is the first to be approved by FDA.

Seattle Genetics has developed a strong pipeline of over 20 drugs and also entered into strategic partnerships with many drug manufacturers such as Genentech, Bayer and Pfizer among other. Under the leadership of Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics has expanded from a small startup to powerful player when it comes to the cancer research sector. Clay Siegall says that the traditional systemic chemotherapies are a thing of the past and that targeted therapies are becoming clearer and effective. He was recently interviewed by Inspirery where he talked about his career, success and philosophies in life. According to Dr. Clay, he always had a strong passion for medicine and also the power of technology ever since he was young.

Dr. Clay Siegall told Inspirery that it was while studying at the University of Maryland that he first became interested in the treatment of cancer. This was after a member of his family got sick with cancer and underwent a brutal treatment regime which included chemotherapy. This led to severe anemia and the patient almost died. Dr. Clay then decided to look for a better way of cancer treatment and ended up starting Seattle Genetics. He says that the key to success is commitment, hard work and discipline. Dr. Clay Siegall hopes to bring a revolution in the cancer treatment space and introduce targeted therapies that are effective and have fewer side effects. He also believes in working with a strong, experienced and talented staff.

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