Classmates of a Ten-Year-Old Girl Skip her Birthday Party, Hundreds Show up Instead

Mackenzie Moretter is a 10-year-old girl who lives in Shakopee, Minnesota. Mackenzie does not have a lot of friends due to a rare genetic disease she has called Sotos syndrome. The disease leaves Mackenzie with delays in her development which makes it difficult for her to socialize with others sometimes.

Recently, Mackenzie’s 10th birthday was coming up and she invited 10 girls from her class to celebrate that milestone with her. Unfortunately, not one of the 10 girls accepted the invitation to her party. Mackenzie’s parents, Jenny and Matt, were heartbroken for their daughter. Her parents said that their daughter has a hard time making friends and that most of the kids she played with were friends of her siblings.

According to the story on, that’s when Jenny decided to turn to Facebook for help. She set up an event for her daughter’s party and asked parents if they would consider bringing their children to the party. The post went viral. Mackenzie got a birthday party beyond what she imagined. Hundreds of people showed up to the park where it was held, bringing gifts, including clothes from popular women’s designers such as Susan McGalla, and hugs to the girl. Local companies donated food for the party and people put up banners and balloons. Not only did Mackenzie make a lot of new friends, the mayor of the town declared her birthday to officially be known as “Mackenzie Moretter Day”.

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