ClassDojo: the Top Learning App for Children and Teachers

ClassDojo recently merged with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to develop a curriculum for school going children across the globe. These lessons come in the form of guides and short videos, which will be launched in a couple of weeks.


A significant percentage of teachers are already using the app to create a positive culture in the classrooms and the schools. Additionally, more children are adopting the use of ClassDojo with the aim of growing their thinking and problem-solving abilities. The company that developed this application has already translated the learning materials into more than 35 languages.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo is an application used by teachers, students, and their guardians to share what is happening in the schools through messages, videos, and photos. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the respected founding managers of ClassDojo. They launched this startup in June 2011. This firm is among the leading education technology companies in the U.S. The app’s popularity has grown in the U.S. and is also used in more than 180 countries worldwide.


The professionals that run the company are comprised of designers, educators, engineers, who are familiar with charter and public schools as well as other apps like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the Y Combinator. ClassDojo serves to create a positive learning culture, giving students a voice, and sharing great moments with parents. Other benefits of the app include promoting school and classroom values and norms as well as providing a platform for shy students to share bravely. The app is also endowed with colorful emoji’s to enhance children understanding.

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