ClassDojo – The Future of Education

ClassDojo’s method is a simple, sensible way to approach how we educate today’s children. Teachers, students and parents stay connected not to form the perfect classroom because such doesn’t exist, they connect to form what’s best for an individual. Education is not “one size fits all” anymore, if it ever was. ClassDojo offers the opportunity to design a class room that works best for all in these modern times.

ClassDojo is an app that’s all about communication and putting social media to good use in the class room. Throughout the day, and even when school is dismissed, this app connects students, teachers and parents via sharing of videos, photos and messages. Over 90% of U.S. students K-8th grade are succeeding with this software in areas where standard methods of education just weren’t working anymore.

Now ClassDojo has spread to 180 countries and been translated in more than 35 languages. This software keeps people connected without the need to share private contact information. Whether it’s messages between concerned parents and teachers, or questions from students, being able to ask and get the answer when you need it is an idea long past overdue.

Daily “stories” are continuously updated streams of pictures and videos of the school day. Each student has their own story which parents can monitor throughout the day so they are well aware of what’s really going in the class room and are more prepared to help when it’s needed. Students use stories to create their own timeline and keep track of personal progress.

Teachers and parents use ClassDojo “Big Ideas” to access material that teaches students the social-emotional skills they need to thrive now, and in the future. The two video series “Growth Mindset” and “Empathy” have been viewed by almost half the children in the U.S. from ages 5-14. With the help of software like ClassDojo the future of children all over the globe is now a brighter place because they will be ready for it.

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