Chris Burch Turns Small Island into Surfers Paradise

There is a small, remote island off the coast of Indonesia that was once a simple, mostly uninhabited, surfer’s island to locals.


Since 2015 the island now has a 5-star resort, 600,000 residents and attracts people from all over the world. In 2012, a man named Christopher Burch first traveled to this island, Sumba and completely fell in love, as posted on

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and has 40 years of investor and entrepreneur knowledge under his belt. The company’s vision is focused on using imagination, creativity, and support towards new market opportunities to have a positive impact on consumer’s lives. Chris Burch is familiar with consumer behavior and has helped the start of over 50 organizations and counting.

Building up the island of Sumba, was no different. Ever since Burch bought the failing resort on Sumba, and after $30 million worth of upgrades to the island, it has become a hotspot for upscale travelers, find more (

Of course, the one thing that will never change about the island is the amazing view. Burch made sure the resort showcased the beautiful island to visitors. Most of the staff at the resort are also welcoming locals, which keeps the charm of the island alive.

The Nihi Sumba resort has been recognized around for the world for its hospitality, relaxation, luxury, and for being eco-friendly, get more information

Who knows what would have become of this island if Chris Burch had not come along to bring the island of Sumba to its full glory.

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