Chris Burch Sees Future Merge Of Fashion And Tech

A Billionaire’s Vision For The Future

Chris Burch knows the fashion industry very well. With a net worth of more than $1 billion, he has made most of his fortune through successfully predicting which trends in the fashion industry would take off and which would come to an end. Now, the fashion mogul has a new prediction for fashion. He believes the fashion industry and the tech industry will merge together to form a collective future together.



Looking To The Past For Answers

To understand the trends as Chris Burch sees them, he suggests looking into the past of the fashion industry. Over the decades, the fashion industry has turned certain pieces of tech into fashion statements in their own right. In the 70s, the boombox was a popular accessory associated with urban fashion. Later on developments such as the Walkman created entirely new fashion statements. We can see a similar trend today with devices such as the Apple Watch and other examples of wearable tech. Chris Burch believes this is where things are headed and it’s where he’s putting his money.



The Examples We See Today

The aforementioned Apple Watch is just one example of how tech and fashion are merging today. Finding other examples is an easy task. There are innovative companies creating airbag necklaces, gloves specifically designed for firemen and so much more. Technology aims to make our lives more convenient and add new dimensions to our life. There is a natural interest in finding ways to integrate technology into our clothing and provide us with a ways to keep technology running in the background. As time goes on the connection between technology and fashion will grow and create new and exciting trends.



The Track Record Of Burch

Chris Burch has a long history of correctly predicting trends in the fashion industry. Starting with his early college days onward, just about every business he creates or invests in manages to succeed. With this in mind, his predictions for the future of the fashion industry are even more pithy. The fashion industry is probably going to do exactly as Burch plans. When smartphones first came out, people wanted to turn them into fashion statements. They bought special phone cases designed to give their phone a unique look fitting their sense of style. As Burch sees things, this sort of trend is likely to continue.



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