China’s Pollution Turning Into Inspiration For Fashion?

As we all know, the pollution in China is stating to become a huge problem. Many people are fighting to get it sorted out, but there are other ways people are bringing attention to the growing pollution problem in the country. By wearing fashionable choices that point to China’s pollution.

According to this article on the website Ryot, the air in China is dangerous. In fact, according to WHO (World Health Organization), the smog levels are 2 times higher than normal, which means breathing in the air can drastically shorten your lifespan. Due to this, many are opting to wear surgical masks while out and about. Which brings us to the fashion shows ran for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Unit that Christian Broda was all over Twitter for.

Models are bringing surgical masks to gas masks into the runway shows, wearing them with their clothes they are modeling. This is grabbing the attention of WHO, as well as others that are worried about the environment in China.

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  • The last thing people want is for the nation of China to be known as the gas mask nation, but until the pollution is dealt with, it looks like they don’t have a choice. It is made to be what the uk.superiorpapers review should have these things happen for them and I know it will work out for them too.

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