Chic, Cool and Hip Cosmetic Makeup Brand Lime Crime

Chic, cool and hip, describe cosmetic makeup brand Lime Crime. They are one of the few brands that really seems to understand that having a diverse color palette is a good thing! They have developed a variety of different products that sport the technicolor rainbow. Incredible eye catching purples and oranges, and at the same moment very earth tone browns and olives. What initially captivated me was not only the huge selection, but the names of each of the products. For example, one of the colors they call JINX. They describe the color as “WITCHBERRY PURPLE”. After I looked a bit more at the color, I could see where they came up with that.

I recently had the opportunity to browse the Unicorn Lipstick collection and the Zodiac Glitters. I was super impressed. As I mentioned before, the color options are expansive and the website was developed to make shopping super easy. The Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter collection can help you put a bit of flavor and spice to your eyes. The sparkle glitter is definitely a must! When you shift to different angles the Zodiac Glitter will change color. How awesome is that? In addition to the lip, and eye products, the brand also produces various products for nails and hair. As with the other categories of Lime Crime, the hair products continue the same color theme. Lime Crime has made available your classic pink, purple, blue, green, hair colors (to name a few), but they put the icing on the cake. They created the very unique, “Mermaid”. I clicked on the product and was able to see an extensive selection of photos showing the hair on various people. It looks amazing! If you are anything like me, shopping for makeup can be a difficult task. Sometimes, I just don’t know the style I am going after and the entire selection process can become daunting. Lime Crime has telepathically read my mind. They seem to know exactly what I go thru every time. They have created a special section on the website. called “SHOP THE LOOK”. This clever portion of the online store enables customers to scroll thru what feels like an endless list of different photos. This list will for sure enable anyone to find something that they like. Each of the photos shows different Lime Crime customers rocking different styles. Each look and feel is unique. If you find a look that suits your taste, you just simply click the photo and a small description will appear providing more details on the exact products that are used. With all of these cool products and super easy shopping experience, Lime Crime has become the new one stop shop for all of my cosmetic needs.

Lime Crime is clearly paving new roads in the world of makeup. These products are designed to not only cover up any imperfections, but on a very real level, the company is helping individuals further express the inner truth. They are enabling each person to further bring out the true essence within. The company is based out of Los Angeles and run by makeup lovers. The company strives to produce products that are made cruelty free. If you looking for an interesting makeup color, or just looking for something a bit unique, make sure to check out Lime Crime.

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