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Marc Sparks is a Shining Example of Entrepreneurship

24th October 2016 | 0 Comments

Marc Sparks is the perfect example of what a serial entrepreneur is. He didn’t just start up one or two companies, he started up several. His entrepreneurial experiences started right after he graduated from high school in 1975. Since then, he’s been involved in dozens of startups. And like a true entrepreneur, some were incredibly […]

The Art of Collecting – Adam Sender

30th November 2015 | 1 Comment

The world of art collecting: hard to break into and even harder to succeed in, but every now and again a few people manage to do the extraordinary. Take Adam Sender for example. Previously a hedge fund employee, he began to collect contemporary works of art from new and “on the way up” artists. It […]

What Has Made Qnet Become A Leader In E-Commerce

25th November 2015 | 0 Comments

Qnet was started in the 1990s, during a time of unstable financial situation in Asia. While other businesses both traditional and online ones were closing down in the whole of Asia, it was just a beginning for this ambitious and innovative e-commerce company. With determination to better the lives of people all over the world, […]

Dan Newlin Can Be the Right Personal Injury Attorney for You

19th November 2015 | 0 Comments

Personal injury cases can be very overwhelming for the victim and his family. For those unaware of what a personal injury is, this is a type of wrongful damage or injury to a person, his property, his rights and his reputation. The damage can be at work or on the road through a traffic accident. […]

Biography of Brian Bonar

11th November 2015 | 0 Comments

Brian Bonar is very popular when it comes to finance. He is a leader and executive in the finance world. He is the President of Trucept, Incorporated. The amount of leadership experience he has is astounding.He has worked as a manager in many companies. One company that he has been a leader for in the […]

Brian Bonar Branches Into New Territory

2nd November 2015 | 0 Comments

When Brian Bonar talks, most people in the financial banking industry listen. The Scottish-born executive has learned a great many things during his long tenure — and as he tells it, he plans to make even more inroads. Bonar is the current CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar has created many companies over the years […]

QNET’s Way of Harnessing the Various Opportunities Created By E-commerce

26th October 2015 | 0 Comments

We are living in an age where itinerant and technology have taken overt and influenced the entire ways of human life. This is true and evident through the current human dependency on the computers and internet for normal survival. As a result, the conventional business as we know it has changed from the mortar and […]

Qnet-A company for the people

18th October 2015 | 0 Comments

Qnet is an international e-commerce website. There is also an app that can be download on the Apple and Google Play Store. This company is one of Asia’s top-selling business. They have been in business for seventeen years.Their website is market to more than 100 countries worldwide. They offer something for everyone on their website. […]

Dan Newlin and His Law Firm

31st August 2015 | 0 Comments

Dan Newlin and his team of highly qualified lawyers in their law offices are a proud group of people because their law firm has been recognized for their distinct and honorable identification since there are only less than 5% of all the law firms in Florida that have attained this honor. Dan Newlin the Attorney […]

The Importance of Buying Assets

30th July 2015 | 0 Comments

There is a misconception. This misconception is that hard work alone leads to wealth. While work does play a role in financial wealth, often times, things happen that eats up all the hard work that the individual has put forth. The story has been told over and over. One individual has followed all the rules, […]