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Strategies and Tips Used by Kate Hudson to Steer Fabletics into a $250 million Business

6th July 2017 | 0 Comments

Fabletics has established itself as a leading brand in the fashion e-commerce market amidst industry powerhouses like Amazon, which controls 20% of the market. Thanks to Kate Hudson, Fabletics has grown in three years to become a $250 million business. Aside from likening themselves to Warby Parker and Apple, Fabletics’ positioning and strategy have proven […]

Sneakers Are On The Forefront Of Shoe Trends

29th February 2016 | Closed

  Now is the time to buy sneakers. For the past few days, the biggest style news has been about sneakers, or kicks, if you will. First, everybody is talking about a Snapchat star, Daniel Lara, a.k.a., “Damn Danial” a high school kid who has a friend that seems incredibly impressed with his fashion sense, […]