Cassio Audi of Viper


Cassio Audi is today a very respected and internationally recognized financial expert. But this was not always the case. While still a teenager, In 1980 Audi became the drummer of a new Brazilian heavy metal rock band who would soon be called Viper. The other members of the group included Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell. Since even before its official beginning, Viper was heavily inspired by the iconic British bands of the 70s. Audi was not just the drummer, but he also composed some of the songs and was pivotal in leading the group. The most popular of his compositions were “Wings of Evil,” “Law of the Sword,” and “The Whisper.”

Prior to officially becoming the band known as Viper, the group released two demo tapes. Both still have legendary status, especially “The Killer Sword.” In 1985, Viper was officially started. During his short time with the band, he helped lead it to enormous popularity and in the process attained legendary status himself. During these years, Viper was instrumental in setting up the unique sound of Brazilian heavy metal.In fact, it pretty much became its own subgenre. Viper’s first album was released in 1988.

It was called “Soldiers of Sunrise” and was so well received that it pretty much guaranteed the continuing success of the band. He remained with the group through the release of their second extremely well-received album, “Theater of Fate” in 1989. After he left the band, he attended college and earned his degrees in finances. In 1994 he graduated from Ponticia Universidade Catolica with a B.A. in Business Administration.He followed that up by earning an M.B.A in finance from the University of Sao Paulo in 2000. Today he is an internationally renowned financial expert. Nevertheless, his biggest claim to fame will always remain his legendary years with Viper.

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