Bruce Bent II: Creator of Innovative Financial Solutions

Bruce Bent II is the vice president of Double Rock Corporation, a financial services and technologies company that is a leader in its industry. He has been involved with many entrepreneurial ventures in the past and is a creator of innovative financial solutions for his clients. He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, a network of over 10,000 young global business leaders.

Bruce Bent’s typical day requires a lot of moving around. He has embraced the modern work style with mobility and less time at the desk. As long as he has his cell phone and his laptop he can work.

He is excited about how easy communication is today and looks forward to a day where everyone all around the world is able to talk to each other, teach each other, and learn from each other.

He also places a lot of value on teamwork. He uses teams of people to bring his ideas to life, preferring specialists and people who are smart about practical matters in life. Teamwork has helped him bring his ideas to reality.

Unlike a lot of people, Bruce Bent does not believe a bachelor’s degree is necessary for success. He wishes a lot of companies today placed more value on performance instead of pedigree. This is not the only unconventional opinion he has. He also thinks lawns are a waste and encourages people to tear up their lawns and plant crops or raise livestock. Those in apartments could have indoor herb gardens. A small fortune is being wasted by planting grass instead of organic, fresh vegetables, herbs, and livestock. He recommends reading How to Be Rich by Jean Paul Getty, a classic in the “Get Rich” genre. He finds it holds up better than a lot of the newer books.

Bruce Bent believes in creating as much value for his clients as possible, which is the secret to his success. With hard work and teamwork, he is able to help his clients find the solutions they need.

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