Brian Bonar Branches Into New Territory

When Brian Bonar talks, most people in the financial banking industry listen. The Scottish-born executive has learned a great many things during his long tenure — and as he tells it, he plans to make even more inroads. Bonar is the current CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar has created many companies over the years and held a number of high positions. His honesty and ethics have earned him a great deal of respect among his peers.

Bonar was born and raised in Scotland. After graduating from college, he secured a position with Bezeir Systems Inc. He gained valuable experience while working at other corporations including Raztek Corp., Adeptek and a long relationship with IBM. Bonar helped with a number of business startups. He also served on the board of director at many companies. At Dalrada, Bonar and his team tailors products and services to help employees. They help with financing, insurance and even outsourcing.

Bonar’s travels all over the world has given him the opportunity to learn about other cultures and how their financial structure works. The experience he has accumulated over the years has given a great deal of insight on how to successfully run a company. Bonar has assisted with numerous financial agreements that have benefited the all parties involved.

Since Bonar assumed his position at Dalrada, the company has seen some of its most profitable quarters in years. Bonar’s multiple successes has led him to another industry that his is currently attempting to navigate: restaurant. He recently co-purchased an upscale restaurant in the San Diego area. Bonar claims he has always wanted to branch out into other areas, and he is sure his financial background will help him succeed.

Among his other interests, Bonar is a philanthropist and gives generously to many organizations in the San Diego area.

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