Beneful Brings Good Health To Dog Food

Pet parents around the world now understand the importance of providing the best possible food for their animals, which usually now includes the chance to provide high quality natural products for dogs of all ages. It can often be difficult to find the highest quality dog foods with natural ingredients at a price point that makes it easy for every pet parent to provide the best foods for their dog. Beneful has been developed by the Nestle Purina brand to do just this, which means high quality dog foods are available that aid any dog in staying as fit and healthy as possible.

Beneful has now expanded its range of foods to include wet and dry foods, plus the chance to provide dog treats sourced from the same high quality natural ingredients as are always used in Beneful products. The brand was launched in 2001 to make sure the Nestle Purina brand had a natural food product that could match those from largely independent dog foods that provided a more natural product for pet parents. The brand has also been a popular choice for those pet parents who have been looking to provide affordable foods for their animals without the grains and corn that many of the most popular dog food brands have long been providing.

The innovations of the Beneful brand are not limited solely to the foods that have been created, but also to the marketing and advertising approach taken by the executives at the company. Marketing approaches have often been targeted directly at the dogs who enjoy Beneful food, including a German campaign that included posters releasing the smell of dog food to target dogs themselves. A similar TV campaign was created in Austria, which sought to attract dogs to the marketing products.

For many the Beneful brand has been a major success and has also sought to make sure the dogs and their owners who enjoy the range of foods and treats live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. This mission has included the chance to push forward the many contests held that allow dog owners the chance to show off the skills of their dogs as they pass through obstacle courses created specifically for them. Coupled with the park building charitable activities of Beneful and Nestle Purina, the brand is looking to provide happier lives for dogs and their owners around the world.

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