Avaaz Addresses the Issue of Rape

Avaaz is willing to take on a lot of violations. Among the common violations is sexual violations. The truth is that there are too many sexual violations happening in the world in even the developed countries. Among the common forms of these violations is rape. The worst part about rape is that the victim seems to get the least support. Often times, the victim is blamed for what happened. They would also put up laws in favor of the rapist in certain countries. One certain law that has been put in place in order to protect the rapist is the marry the rapist law.

This is actually a horrible law to be put in place. It is one thing for someone to have her humanity taken away from her. It is a completely worse thing for that person to have to live with the person who has raped her and be his wife. Fortunately, there is a campaign to scrap this law. This is actually a really senseless law that ultimately takes away what is left of the victim’s humanity. Fortunately, Avaaz is making sure that this is a known occurrence. Therefore, this law will be scrapped in due time.

The worst thing about the punishment is that the rapist has not even been given any type of consequence. Fortunately, things are slowly changing around the world as people are understanding more about rape. One thing that people are learning about rape is that it is more about power and control than sex. It is an act of violence against another person’s will. However, it seems that one would have to experience this offense before they can understand what it is like. The effects of rape on a victim are often devastating and long term. However, the petition and campaigns run will likely change this.


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