Andrew Rolfe Is Committed To Helping Ubuntu Fund Do More

Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of the board of directors of the Ubuntu Fund, is determined to see it reach out to an ever larger number of needy people. The Ubuntu Education Fund is a ray of hope for vulnerable children in the Port Elizabeth region of South Africa. Andrew Rolfe along with others is actively involved in working closely with families and communities to come up with tailor-made plans for children so as to help them achieve health, education and a modicum of stability in their lives-necessary first steps in the fight against endemic poverty.

Andrew Rolfe and his colleagues ensure that the money required by these desperately needy children reaches them without any restrictions or preconditions. This is done by not allowing any of the major donors place any conditions of use for the money being given by them. Andrew Rolfe and his colleagues know that it is far better to have a small fund with unimpeded access to money than not be able to disburse the money collected freely.

Ubuntu Fund is committed to providing every child in Port Elizabeth, South Africa everything they need to make a success of their lives. The sheer scale of work that Ubuntu Fund undertakes at the grassroots level is to be seen to be believed. The fund has brought hope, aspiration, joy and above all hope to so many young children who would otherwise have gone astray.

One only has to look at the beaming, proud and positive faces of these children to fully appreciate what a miracle is unfolding in areas which used to be chronically depressed and sad. People like Rolfe, who have committed themselves to paying back to society in such a wonderful way certainly deserve kudos.

South Africa with its history of epic struggle against oppression still battles disease, hunger, and lack of education in so many of its urban townships. Initiatives like the Ubuntu fund are at the forefront of such efforts. The government, of course, does its best to reach out, but it requires everyone to pitch in to transform a large section of the nation that is underprivileged and disadvantaged.

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