Amazing Wind Waker Inspired Fan Art

I love seeing what people can come up with when they’re passionate about something, so checking out fan art sites has always been a passion of mine. Great way to pass the time on your iPad when you’re at the doctor’s office, waiting for your North American Spine appointment, when I’m on the subway…well you get the idea.


Make sure that you check out his official DeviantArt account here, to see more of his interesting works.

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  • But here are some cool images I saw from Cassio Yoshiyaki. Really cool re-imagining of Link and Zelda almost as if they were Pixar characters, in the Wind Waker world. It has to be best essays online effort to excel in their field of endeavours.

    1 Ashley Holland said this (November 9, 2016 at 5:25 pm) Reply

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