Alex Pall and The Growth of His Career in The Chainsmokers

The beauty of art is that it opens you to so many possibilities and experiences that may not be provided to you by reality. Art is where you escape. It is where you can create worlds that you want, and you can make things better and magnified to fit your standards. It is also the way you can express your anxieties, your feelings and everything that you feel is what’s making you downtrodden and desperate. In the case of Alex Pall, the other half of the duo band The Chainsmokers, he harnesses art as a platform to not only escape the drudgery of normal life but also connect to people and to the world.

The Interview Magazine Feature

We can learn from the interview Alex Pall did with The Interview Mag more about how he uses the platform of music to move out of himself and lose himself for others in ways that only real art can bring. In the feature, we learn that Alex Pall sees music as his everything. In less dramatic terms, Alex Pall saw the avenue of music creation in college as to feel alive and to derive meaning from a boring college life. With Alex Pall’s partner Andrew Taggart, he was able to co-produce from this boredom outstanding songs for The Chainsmokers , which include Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. The power in the words of Alex Pall is what is also making him push more the creation of music that not many people out there seem to attempt.

The Passion

Of course, all of this started as a passion. When Alex Pall was still in the city, he realized that being a DJ is a huge part of him, but it’s still a bit scary for him to push his artistry and desire in this area, partly because of intimidation of the people ahead of him. However, he still was able to muster the energy and guts to quit his job and finally go for the dream that would, later on, define his career.

Despite the fact that Alex Pall was made fun of because he’s wearing V-necks and he was always listening to DJ music, he still pursued the dream and went on for what seemed to be his path to greatness.

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