Adam Milstein Has A Lot To Say

The Jerusalem Post is a popular news media publication circulated in print across the world and through the Internet that focuses on relations between Israel and Palestine, current events in Israel, and all things related to Judaism. Also known as the JPost, The Jerusalem Post features a broad team of professional journalists and writers that have effectively made the right-wing publications one of the most famous in relation to Israeli news.

One of those great writers adorned as superb by its reader base is Adam Milstein, a native of Israel who currently resides in the United States. Although Mr. Adam Milstein’s official full-time position is that of an investment fund manager, he also is involved in various political, national, and philanthropic causes – not to mention his time spent writing.

While the majority of Americans and Israelis alike can write, very few residents or natives from either nation can write in the same style as Adam Milstein can.

Adam Milstein published a popular piece just three weeks ago – what did it say?

More than 20 years ago, the United States signed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, a piece of popular, controversial legislation that outlined the United States would transfer its Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

Finally, after 23 years, Donald Trump led the decision to place the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, moving it from its long-held position in Tel Aviv.

Mr. Adam Milstein believes that the United States is closely related to Israel in that both of its inhabitants founded the countries to practice Christianity and Judaism, respectively, fleeing from countries that didn’t allow them to openly practice such religions prior to their departure.

Milstein also notes that the fact that Israel has now been around for 70-plus years is nothing short of amazing because it has been surrounded by enemies since it was founded on May 14, 1948. He also helped defend the sovereignty of Israel by serving the Israel Defense Forces and fighting for the country in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when opposing forces led a surprise attack against Israel on the holiest day of the Judaic calendar.

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