Understanding the Success and Impact of Fortress Investment Group across the Globe

Fortress Investment Group was first founded by three principals who are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman in the year 1998 as a private equity firm. Over the years the group has been on the forefront, and the most notable highlight was in the year 2007 when it made headlines with its IPO as the largest private equity firm turning public in the NYSE.The Group currently serves as an investment management firm all around the world with over 40 billion dollar assets belonging to thousands of investors in permanent capital vehicles, hedge funds, and private equity. The main offices of the firm are located in New York and boast of employing hundreds of staff. Currently, the principals of the company include Randal Nardone and Wes Edens from New York and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco.

Fortress Investment Group has been specializing in various areas that have led to its growth. Some of these core areas include but not limited to asset-based investments, the capital markets corporate acquisitions and many more areas. Their assets investment covers a big range of assets like the financial vehicles bring a constant cash flow, capital and also the real estates. The firm has over the years been assisting investors in managing, owning, financing and also the pricing of assets. The Group is in a better position when it comes to management operations. It has been responsible for coming up with crucial tools that assist in bringing values to the investments that they touch. The company has a lot of expertise in the management of mergers and firms’ acquisitions.

The company’s employees have a lot of skills and expertise in creating relationships with different stakeholders of different corporate, board member and also with professionals in the management areas. Fortress Investment Group has specialty also in the capital markets. With the proficiency of the firm, it is possible for investors to secure a debt or an equity market financing.The Fortress Investment Group has divided its operations into three primary segments. The first one is the credit division which began in 2002 and is currently led by Briger. The other one is private equity segment which is headed by Edens and Nardone. The third division is called permanent Capital vehicles which deal with the most traded stable capital vehicles. The company has a good track record of assisting in the management of portfolio organizations due to the knowledge it possess.

Jed McCaleb Explains The Thinking Behind Stellar

Jed McCaleb has been involved in cryptocurrency since it was just starting out. He is an entrepreneur who has launched a number of well-known blockchain projects and is now working on Stellar. He wants this to be the industry standard for moving money across national borders. He says that everything he has learned about cryptocurrency is now being put into making Stellar a success.

According to Jed, he learned about Bitcoin in 2010 when reading an article on Slashdot. There was a link in the article to the Bitcoin whitepaper as well as another link to Bitcointalk, a forum dedicated to this new at the time cryptocurrency. Jed McCaleb says that he was really intrigued by what he read. He didn’t think at the time that it was possible to have money that wasn’t centrally controlled but before long he was a believer.

He established the first centralized exchange for bitcoin, Mt. Gox. Jed McCaleb says that at the time people could trade bitcoin over the internet but it took a good deal of coordination between both parties. Before long Mt. Gox was being used to exchange 80% of all bitcoin trading. He sold this business off in 2011.

It was in 2014 that the Stellar Development Foundation was established. Jed McCaleb wants to make it possible for financial institutions and payment networks to be connected together in a way that makes moving money easy and inexpensive. He made the decision to make his organization a nonprofit. The reason for this is that he wants it to be open source for people. This creates a level of trust which is lacking for many digital currencies in use today.

There have been many initial coin offerings in recent years. He says there are a number of questionable digital currencies now out there. He says that he wants the cryptocurrencies that are on the up and up to raise money through the use of his Stellar Network. His network is designed to be a platform for issuing tokens. He thinks it is pretty great that ICOs are able to raise money from around the world using his Stellar platform. If you want to know more, checkout Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Milan Kordestani Has Created An Organic And Humane Business With Milan Farms

The birthplace of Milan Kordestani was Stanford, California. This was where he spent his childhood. In 2009 his parents divorced and he moved to London, England. He attended the Sacred Heart Preparatory after he relocated to the Bay area and he graduated in 2017. Milan Kordestani was thrown from a runaway horse at the age of ten. He surprised everyone when he rode the same horse back to camp. He had a natural form, needed the challenge of riding and was driven to win the blue ribbons. It did not take him long to achieve major equestrian goals. He was soon riding world champion horses in competitions.

Milan Kordestani was the winner of the triple crown in 2015. He then entered the Worlds Championship Horse Show and ranked in fourth place. This was followed with a 3rd place national title at the American Royal. He entered the Worlds Championship Horse Show in 2016 and placed second in the division for the Five Gaited Show Pleasure. This remains his highest achievement.

Milan Kordestani also founded Milan Farms in 2015 while he was in high school. His company produces eggs, poultry, mint and saffron. He was the first saffron farmer to use microfiber sponges for hydronic spicing. Milan Farms was designed for the organic and humane raising of poultry. The animals are raised with transparency to provide an honest option for consumers. There are no secrets at Milan Farms.

The brand and logo for Milan Farms were trademarked in 2016. Since then the business has expanded and encompasses three separate farms. Eggs are delivered all over the west coast as well as Colorado through the efforts of these farms. The saffron is distributed throughout the world. The tradition of cultivating and producing saffron is recognized by Milan Farms but they believe in innovation as well. This is the reason they not only use drip irrigation but are conducting research into growing saffron with aquaponic and hydroponic systems. Milan Kordestani has been successful with his efforts but is continuing to experiment with different levels of salinity and minerals in the water for the perfect crops.

Talk Fusion-Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Talk Fusion is the future of communication for businesses. It is becoming more of a popular tool and is helping companies to not only stay ahead of their competition, but it is also helping to increase sales and thus profits.


Talk Fusion is now available in over 140 countries around the world and has also expanded with its video chat. Talk Fusion, and the Go app offer convenience and features that make running your company easier and makes it possible to better engage with the customer.


It can be purchased through the iTunes and Google Play stores, and it is downloadable to iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches with an iOS 7 or higher operating system. It is compatible with Android devices with a 4.4.3 system or more.


Talk Fusion’s leading product is video email and allows businesses to connect with contacts easily. Users are able to send email messages from their device from any location.


A video chat is a much more personalized way to communicate with the customer and with team members and makes it possible to really grab the attention of the recipient. When there is higher engagement, there will be more clickthroughs.


The app makes it possible for the user to send videos and to record live or even upload an older video. Once uploaded you can choose from many different templates, and you can even change some of the features to really customize the message that you are sending.


Talk Fusion is not only for big companies, however, and it is also great for communication between friends and family as well. Its ability to be used for video calls makes it ideal for connecting with family and friends who are far away as well.


The app also makes it possible to create a secure and private meeting room as well as a name, and once those are created, they can be revisited at any time in the future.


Talk Fusion is a global company that is growing very quickly. It was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, CEO of the communication solutions company. Talk Fusion is the very first company to offer the Instant Pay Compensation Plan and follows ethical business practices. Reina is a former Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Deputy and has a passion for the community and its well-being. He and the company have given and continues to give back very generously to the community. Learn more: https://video-chat.talkfusion.com/


Jed McCaleb Set Sights Toward the Future of Money

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and leader of technical development for a rising open-source protocol established in 2014 called Stellar Development Foundation. Jed McCaleb is known as one of the early pioneers of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. With his knowledge of blockchain technology, Jed McCaleb is a man that constantly contemplates innovative ideas to aid the progression of society, primarily by reconstructing the currently divisive financial infrastructure. The intention of Jed McCaleb with Stellar is to initiate decentralized systems that can that democratize economic participation across the world; he recently expounded on the concept of this type of system with CNBC. Jed McCaleb described Stellar to CNBC as a Blockchain powered international payment setup that uses a digital token. He also expressed that he vividly envisions a future with an effective universal payments network. Jed McCaleb believes it is a realistic possibility that payments with fiat currencies can also be made through Blockchain with the creation of a hybrid system. In as little as ten year time, entrepreneur McCaleb surmises that the blockchain technology at Stellar will also be able to use a universal payments network that even taps into more traditional financial assets such as stocks and shares.

There is a token at Stellar that has been on an upward trajectory called the Stellar Lumens, or XLM, that not long ago dropped to $0.2512. Jed McCaleb and Stellar recently teamed up with Lightning Network. One advantage of this Lightning-Stellar crossover that Jed McCaleb mentioned is the convenience it brings toward making payments across blockchains. In addition, this collaboration has helped Stellar to limit potential shortcomings with media attention. According to Jed, he is also aware of the phenomenon with ICO or initial coin offerings. In ICO, Jed McCaleb notices entire markets that are not tapped right now by the financial system. According to the financial research firm, Autonomous Next, initial coin offerings have raised the equivalent of nearly nine billion dollars in a staggering four years time. Overall, Jed McCaleb has allowed many others to realize token sales has the potential represent the future of fundraising. Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Co-Founder and CTO at Stellar: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jed-mccaleb

End Citizens United Fights Against Corruption In Florida

Current Florida Governor and senate hopefeul, Rick Scott, has been accused by End Citizens United of having his campaign work directly with super PAC, vioating anti-coordination laws.

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to reforming the Supreme Courts decision in the Citizens United vs. F.E.C case back in 2010. The Courts decision ultimately allows corporations to donate as people and spend unlimited money toward funding their own special interests.

In End Citizens United’s most recent attempt at battling the Court’s oligarchal decision, the committee has alleged that Scott has been using a super PAC to support his Senate campaign as a way around federal limits to direct contributions to candidates. These allegations place the Florida Governor in violation of anti-coordination laws with super PAC, New Republic.

While Rick Scott and his campaign have vehemently denied the accusations, End Citizens United has supplied documented evidence suggesting otherwise. Such evidence includes the facts that Rick Scott’s campaign shared an address with the New Republic PAC as recently as February, and that the Senate hopeful was listed as New Republic’s Chairman in January.

Adam Bozzi, communications director for End Citizens United, has stated that Rick Scott, “is more interested in his political ambitions than he is in the law, and he figured out how he can bypass election law by funneling soft money into the super PAC that supposedly would be meant for the President”. Bozzi suggests that the New Republic’s existence is a way for Scott to avoid campaign finance and disclosure laws.

Keeping big money out of politics and upholding the standards of democracy is the foundation of End Citizens United. Since March of 2015, the PAC has fought for campaign finance reform, as well as electing government officials who recognize the importance of this agenda. While nullification of Citizens United will require either a Constitutional amendment or a day in court, it’s necessary for the integrity of our government to recognize that the First Amendment covers the rights of the People, not corporations. As of March 10, 2018, the New Republic super PAC had raised 78 million dollars for Rick Scott’s Senate campaign.

Learn More: docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00573261

Robert Deignan Has Created An Astounding Company Called ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan has become known as a jack of all trades. His personal and professional lives are a combination of innovation and competition. The expectations are he will accomplish a lot during the course of his career due to his skills. His education began when he earned his Organizational Leadership degree at Purdue University between 1992 and 1995. His next step was founding and starting a business he called ICE.

Robert Deignan improved the business with a lot of hard work. Although the original name was ICE, he changed it to ATS Digital Services later. The team of individuals he chose to help run the business would be referred to as advanced tech support in today’s world. These individuals were highly trained and skilled. They were members of the cyber security division at Microsoft. The company providing AIDS and certifications for digital services is called AppEsteem. To receive their recognition and certification a company must meet numerous parameters for compliance.

ATS Digital Services has used different types of technology to service many different people. Sometimes this is simply communication over the phone. Other times it was necessary to use an access screen to establish several locations to enable sharing activities possible with the use of technology. The goal of ATS Digital Services is to bridge the gap between regulation companies, security companies and software vendors. Robert Deignan believes it is possible for all three branches to maneuver and operate fluidly with each other. He feels if a flow can be established between all three branches it will increase healthy and solid interactions between the consumers.

Robert Deignan has created an organization both complex and truly astounding. The field he managed to unite usually has difficulty simply blending the different jobs together. He is an innovator, an entrepreneur and a man who takes pleasure from the time he spends with his friends and family. He spends a lot of time growing his company but also likes to fish. This is especially true when it is a West Palm Beach fishing tournament. Due to the vision and efforts of Robert Deignan, ATS Digital Services will continue to expand, grown and have an impact on digital services.


NewsWatch TV SteelSeries Testimonial review

NewsWatch TV worked with the international electronics and headphone brand, SteelSeries, on two projects to promote their headphones and gaming controllers. SteelSeries’ goal was to promote their products to as many potential customers as possible to increase exposure and sales while utilizing the professional videos and video quality provided in their future marketing endeavors.

The SteelSeries segments were shown in nearly every market in the nation, reaching over 95 million homes in the United States. Tori Pugliese, the Senior Director of Marketing at SteelSeries, said “it was an excellent experience to be able to work with a team who understand[s] how PR really works, and deliver[s] a message that you want delivered to your audience, where consumers can understand it in their own language.” Needless to say, NewsWatch did a fantastic job and SteelSeries saw an obvious increase in sales thanks to the exposure NewsWatch created.

Based on Washington, D.C, NewsWatch is operated by Bridge Communications, a video production and distribution company. NewsWatch features a television show that features information on consumer news, app reviews, and editorial and sponsored consumer electronic reviews, all with a fun and entertaining twist to keep the audience engaged and entertained. The television show is roughly thirty minutes long and airs on a number of television networks across the nation and is published on social media and online networks.

In 2017, NewsWatch TV won a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award along with the national Videographer Award for excellence in 30-minute entertainment programming and in 2016, they received a Silver Telly Award. They have received nothing but positive reviews and testimonials from their clients and have worked with a number of Fortune 500 Companies.


Alex Pall and The Growth of His Career in The Chainsmokers

The beauty of art is that it opens you to so many possibilities and experiences that may not be provided to you by reality. Art is where you escape. It is where you can create worlds that you want, and you can make things better and magnified to fit your standards. It is also the way you can express your anxieties, your feelings and everything that you feel is what’s making you downtrodden and desperate. In the case of Alex Pall, the other half of the duo band The Chainsmokers, he harnesses art as a platform to not only escape the drudgery of normal life but also connect to people and to the world.

The Interview Magazine Feature

We can learn from the interview Alex Pall did with The Interview Mag more about how he uses the platform of music to move out of himself and lose himself for others in ways that only real art can bring. In the feature, we learn that Alex Pall sees music as his everything. In less dramatic terms, Alex Pall saw the avenue of music creation in college as to feel alive and to derive meaning from a boring college life. With Alex Pall’s partner Andrew Taggart, he was able to co-produce from this boredom outstanding songs for The Chainsmokers , which include Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. The power in the words of Alex Pall is what is also making him push more the creation of music that not many people out there seem to attempt.

The Passion

Of course, all of this started as a passion. When Alex Pall was still in the city, he realized that being a DJ is a huge part of him, but it’s still a bit scary for him to push his artistry and desire in this area, partly because of intimidation of the people ahead of him. However, he still was able to muster the energy and guts to quit his job and finally go for the dream that would, later on, define his career.

Despite the fact that Alex Pall was made fun of because he’s wearing V-necks and he was always listening to DJ music, he still pursued the dream and went on for what seemed to be his path to greatness.



All About Psi-Pay

PSI-Pay is among the leading in the United Kingdom regulated Fintech companies. Its role is to provide digital account and also payment card facilities especially in the international market. It is one of leading innovations in the alternative payment industry.

Some people have a doubt with the digital wallet, even though these digital accounts have been playing similar basic roles like the traditional leather billfolds. Digital wallets are known to create a single place that is convenient for cash and credit. It is a technology that is enhancing security and its also empowering the user to be able to replace numerous papers and cards using one mobile device. They vary on worldwide location which is based on matters regarding different consumer practices.

European wallet

Many people from Europe uses the digital wallets so that they can carry cash balances. They can be able to hold many currencies like pounds and euros. As a user, you can be able to link your debit card to the wallets and then be able to withdraw cash from the ATMs. The issue is that you have to pay for the product and services with the funds that are from your account balance. The wallet providers must be able to handle chargebacks and disputes.

People have been using different methods when depositing the money in the Europe-style wallets. You can even be able to transfer cash from your traditional checking accounts.

People are increasing the number who are using these digital wallets and help to transform cryptocurrency funds into available money that can be spent on shops. It is also a possible way to be able to deposit by charging using a credit card.


Bank alternative



Even though it won’t provide any benefit, the European-style wallet is capable of replacing conventional bank account. So that you can be able to benefit from the strategy, then you will be required to live a region that most of service providers and retailers will be accepting mobile payments.


EcoPayze on European consumers


Ecopayze is a good example of European-style wallet service. As a user, you can be able to sign in for free, be able to deposit some cash and then start doing purchase or transfers. As a VIP you will be able to utilize most of the features and therefore pay the lowest fees. They have five membership levels that are different; Classic, Gold, Platinum, Silver, and VIP. For the VIP, Gold and platinum members will enjoy free transferring of the international currency.