Sanitation Situation in Brazil

In an interview conducted by Felipe Montoro, a specialist in infrastructure projects, Edison Carlos discussed the sanitation condition in Brazil. Edison is the President of Trata Brasil, an organization that deals with sanitation. The leader emphasized on the need of partnership between government bodies and other sanitation companies because if both work together, more efficient results will be realized due to their diverse experiences. Also, private companies have more resources like technology, which can help in water management and improve investments in the sewage networks. To that effect, the Brazil government showed interest to partner with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Water wastage being the extreme situation, BNDES plans to customize ideas on how to minimize the financial flow from the water sector. The project would consider surveys from different locations.


However, during concession, the people in charge should make sure that they review all the activities taking place including drafting of contracts. The contracts should maintain clear objectives not forgetting what the Government wants to achieve in the long run. The relevant agencies should conduct inspections. Edison points out that both public and private companies are equal when it comes to indexing, and the only difference is what each can bring to the table regarding operation and the citizen’s needs on sanitation.


Felipe Montoro holds a degree in Business Administration from Getulio Vargas Foundation and a graduate degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Felipe serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Energipar. Mr. Montoro is also on the board of directors at Foz do Brasil S.A, and Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo. Native of Glendale, Calif


As a Glendale, Calif native, Montoro was once a head coach of the cross country and track programs at Santa Clara University. He took over the position from Coach Tom Service. According to the Athletic Director at Santa Clara, Felipe is a helpful person to their success.


Morph Into a Unicorn with Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dyes!  

Do you want your hair to look like a majestic, sparkling, unicorn mane? Lime Crime is launching a new line of semi-permanent hair dyes just for you. Those of us enamored of the mythical beasts will love the thirteen unique, dreamy shades. Each one is years in the making, 100% vegan and contains no ammonia or bleach. Launched on April 3, 2017, trend-setting fashionistas are flocking to buy the affordable and hair-friendly colors and tins for their own tresses.


With names like bunny (baby pink), pony (bright purple), and neon peach (exactly what it sounds like), it’s no wonder these shades are a must-have for Spring and Summer 2017. The semi-permanent fantasy colors pop and give new meaning to the term “eye candy”. These shades come in affordable $16.00 containers and are water- and vegetable glycerin-based. Each of the vibrant colors, like “Dirty Mermaid”, a delicious shade of sea-foam/teal blue, are a conditioning hair dye and require no lifting, bleaching, or developer. Colors are formulated to wash out gradually over time, depending on the condition of your hair and the care you show it. Gentle, color-safe shampoos and conditioners are recommended for best results.


Lime Crime offers both tint and full coverage options depending on the style you want, and the current color of your hair. Full coverage (such as that offered by the shades Gargoyle, Pony, Neon Peach, Chocolate Cherry, Leeloo, and others) delivers more saturated color and is perfect for lightly bleached and platinum blonds. The tints (Sext, Bunny, and Salad) are less pigmented and more sheer in nature, offering a more pastel shade for blonds, and a sheer tinting on darker, unbleached hair.


The creator of Unicorn Hair suggests and encourages mixing and matching colors to create new shades and amazing patterns. With fantasy hair colors coming into mainstream fashion, you can find your own signature color among the sixteen offerings found on the Lime Crime website. Many fashion-makers have even created cascades of color and pattern by using an array of shades on different parts of their tresses. If you’re looking for traffic-stopping, head-turning colors, there is a magical, unicorn-inspired rainbow just around the corner.

Clay Siegall Does An Interview With Ideamensch

Background Information On Clay Siegall


Clay Siegall serves as the CEO, board chairman and president of the biotech firm known as Seattle Genetics. He is one of the two co-founders of the company who created it back in 1998. Mr. Siegall is not a businessman in trade or by training. He is instead a scientist who studied genetics at George Washington University and Zoology at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Siegall has authored or co-authored over 70 medical and scientific publications. He also holds 15 patents that have to do with medicine, biotechnology and science. Besides working with Seattle Genetics, Mr. Clay Siegall also works with the Washington Roundtable, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Alder BioPharmaceuticals. The Washington Roundtable is a not for profit organization that includes CEOs from some of the largest employers in the state of Washington.

For his contribution to cancer research and pioneering in biotechnology, Dr. Clay Siegall received the Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. Clay Siegall also got the distinction of Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his company’s expansion.

Some Takeaways From Clay Siegall’s Interview With Ideamensch

Ideamensch started the interview off by asking Clay Siegall what led him to create Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall said that when he was a teenager until he was in his early twenties he saw the devastating effects cancer had upon his father. Seeing his father suffer and unable to be treated, Clay realized the little tools and resources that oncologists or cancer treatment specialists had at the time. He then made it his life mission to improve the tools and treatment options available to oncologists and ultimately to cancer patients. That is why he founded Seattle Genetics.

Next, Ideamensch inquired what is one thing that Clay Siegall does over and over again to make himself more productive. Clay Siegall constantly reminds himself that he does not know everything. He also tries to glean as much information as he can from his co-workers. Dr. Siegall suggests that you try and interact with smart people and learn as much as you can from them. He also suggests that you should always try to learn and keep an open mind when it comes to doing business or medical research.


Clay Siegall Facilitates New Breakthroughs in the Field of Genetics and Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall who is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and co-founder of Seattle Genetics is a scientist of many accomplishments. Due to his rigorous, innovative, and groundbreaking researchers into general issues of genetics, but cancer therapies, in particular, his name is associated with many contemporary breakthroughs in genetic science. In a recent interview with ideasmench, an online publication, he revealed that the inspiration to start Seattle Genetics came out of the suffering and subsequent death of his father due to cancer. This experience made him realize that oncology lacked adequate tools with which to combat such diseases.

He worked hard for Bristol-Myers Squibb in their Pharmaceutical Research Institute, having earned a doctorate in genetics from George Washington University, mainly to help bring a better quality of life to patients. The company he worked for, Bristol-Meyers provided him with the expertise and experience he needed to run his firm. Now, he has a mission to make the treatment of cancer diseases far more advanced than it is today. During the interview, he admitted that knowledge is infinite and that one needed to accumulate as much of is as possible by interacting with professionals from diverse disciplines. This kind of interaction is what can make a great entrepreneur of any ordinary person. He is immensely involved in raising capital for the company he runs, and due to his influence, he has accumulated billions of dollars through private and public financing.

According to Clay Siegall, a vital component of business strategy in the field of genetics is a maximum collaboration with other researchers in the development of oncology drugs and industry leaders. He is committed to placing resources in technology that can advance acquisition of new ideas into better ways and approaches to helping patients. Consequently, he has authored several journals for scientific medical publications. He loves collaborating with other key players in the industry, and the vast knowledge he has accumulated is leading to new breakthroughs in the horizons of cancer treatment. One quality he always demonstrates in all his undertakings is astute leadership. He has a strong passion for everything he does, entrepreneurship being his flag-bearer.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Wife Diagnosed with Cancer Gives him an Opportunity to Create Temple

According to the latest statistics, over 600,000 people die of cancer in the United States every year. For the last 25years, the phenomenon is always increasing. However, doctors and technologists have no come up with a way to have this situation mitigated shortly. Life preservation should be the primary order for the doctors and medical practitioners in the world. However, they have put money ahead of the mitigated issue. Let’s imagine how information and dedication can change this life pattern. Information is power. If the doctors can use information to treat patients, we can keep more than 10 percent of the people dying from cancer alive each year. Read More Deatils .

Eric is one of the most prominent technologists in the United States. According to him, no one has a better understanding of what technology can do for our lives. He is the owner of the $2.2 billion Groupon Company dealing in the e-commerce business. This is a company that deals in linking merchants with their clients through the online and physical economic platforms. During the time when his business was flourishing, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the worst disease in the world because it has no known cure. However, its treatments can be expensive if the detection is not done early. Liz is Eric Lefkofskys wife. She is a prominent art collector and patron based in Chicago. When she was diagnosed with cancer, the family was astonished. Business came to a sudden standstill. However, they worked hard to get better results through mitigation of animosities statistics. lefkofsky at Twitter .

Cancer is one of a terrifying diseases in the world. While most doctors say that it is not okay, we might think that they are lying. While the family was trying all ways possible to cure the disease, Lefkofsky made the Temple operating system that keeps a record of all cancer patients’ information. Because information is power, doctors can use this information to prescribe the correct medicine for the patients based on the available data. For the entrepreneur, this was the biggest opportunity in his life to change the lives of many cancer patients throughout the world. for more .


Amazing Anniversary Milestone Reached By Goettl Air Conditioning

In 1939, it would have been beyond the wildest dreams of Adam and Gust Goettl to imagine their air conditioning brand would still be in place and looking to a strong future 78 years in the future; however, the Goettl Air Conditioning brand is still going strong and shared its 78th birthday with the state of Arizona that was 105 years old on Va;entine’s Day 2017, PR Newswire reports. The brand was originally based in Phoenix, Arizona d quickly grew to become a global pioneer in the development and production of HVAC units.

In 2017 the Goettl Air Conditioning brand remains an important part of the business community in Arizona under the innovative leadership of Ken Goodrich and recently returned to the Las Vegas region in a bid to return the brand to an area it has been historically linked to. The success seen since Ken Goodrich took control of the historic brand can be seen in the fact the company has seen a 500 percent increase in business over the last few years. For Ken Goodrich the need to continue to grow the brand in an ethical way that reflects the values of the Goettl brothers initial vision remains important.

Not only does Ken Goodrich see the Goettl brand as an excellent business opportunity he also believes the company can become a key part of the community in areas of Arizona and Nevada. Under the leadership of Ken Goodrich the Goettl name has become an important one at the University of Southern Nevada where a scholarship providing new tools to a military veteran studying HVAC repair has been named for the company; a further scholarship is also offered by Goettl at the college for those classed as an HVAC legacy.

The Goettl brand is a major part of the Arizona and Nevada landscape where the company has been established for eight decades. Expansion across Nevada has now become the key to the success of the brand that has been merging with a number of plumbing and HVAC repair companies across the state to continue its recent growth.

Andrea McWilliams, helping to make the world better.

Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and political strategist from Austin Texas and is a co-founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants. Previously a Chief of Staff at a young age, McWilliams at the time was also involved in the private sector and began her own company, Public Strategies Inc., which functioned as a public relations company. Andrea McWilliams has also been active in the Texas political arena in the 81st Legislative Session helping to pass incentive for Texas to become a leader in clean coal power and capturing carbon as well as helping with a $3 billion package to assist in cancer research.

Andrea McWilliams has also been very active in charity projects helping bring awareness and enthusiasm to many different types of causes. McWilliams has served on many different boards and non-profit organizations such as Texas Lyceum, Austin Children in Crisis, and Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital just to name a few. McWilliams also finds time to help preserve the historical aspects of Austin serving as a past president of Inherit Austin, an organization helping to save the architectural and culture past through landmarks and Austin’s exclusive character. McWilliams has also been active in breast cancer research with the organizations Susan G. Komen and KillCancer. Having her own battle with breast cancer, McWilliams chose to use her story to inspire and motive other. Using the platform of the publication Austin Woman, McWilliams voiced her own story of her fight with breast cancer and her life after overcoming, growing a closer relationship with her husband and family along with a renewed joy for life.

It’s No Wonder Google Picked Brazil As The First Latin American Office

In 1983, Brazil was still under military rule, but the government created an organization called the Associação Brasileira de Private Equity & Venture Capital (ABVCAP) to promote entrepreneurship. ABVCAP is still active, but developing a significant venture capital presence in the private sector didn’t take hold until 2000. That was the year Ecovec, Tropos Lab, Inventta consultancy, and Inseed Investments got together and formed the Instituto Inovação Group. That group was the foremost business generator in Brazil for a couple of years. In 2002, Google saw the potential in the Brazilian market, and the company wanted to get involved. Google needed a Latin American office, and São Paulo was perfect. The decision to open that office was a good one. A steady stream of talent continues to knock on Google’s door every day.



The news that Google was entering the Brazilian market wasn’t news to Flavio Maluf. Maluf heads the giant Brazilian building material manufacturer, Eucatex. Eucatex is an established São Paulo business. Eucatex started as a one-product company in 1951. Flavio’s grandfather is the founder, and thanks to some of his smart business decision, Eucatex is now one of Brazil’s leading exporters of building materials. The first product, a eucalyptus wood ceiling tile, was the inspiration for the company’s name. Today, Flavio Maluf oversees the production and the sales of an extensive building material product line. Eucatex paint, varnishes, ceiling tiles and floorboards, as well as other products, are sold internationally.



Flavio Maluf is also an investor who knows the business potential in Brazil. Even though Maluf has a track record in the United States, he thinks Brazil has the potential to surpass the U.S. in online use. Brazilians are obsessed with the Internet, and Flavio knows the obsession will only get stronger as new Brazilian businesses enter the online marketplace. Flavio attended New York University before he became president of the company, so he is familiar with the online business climate in the U.S. Even though the United States is considered a mecca for online sales, the Brazilian market will exceed the U.S. in terms of social activity and at some point sales. Google knew that fifteen years ago, and Flavio Maluf knew it too.



Cassio Audi Opening Latin America to European Investors

The country of Brazil holds a unique place in the minds of American tourists and even those who have witnessed the glories of Copacabana Beach during the recent Olympics. Sugarloaf Mountain and the sandy beaches combine with the enchanting musical rhythms of the people of Brazil to form strong memories and lure visitors to return to this enchanted place.
While never having been considered an investment capital, that idea is now changing thanks to the efforts of Cassio Audi and his investment firm. He has recently returned from a promotional tour of Europe where he advised investors and answered questions about the financial opportunities in Latin America. This enchanting area called Latin America stretches from the American/Mexican border to the tip of South America. It includes the pyramids of Mexico to the wonders of Patagonia and offers investment opportunities for those savvy investors intelligent enough to realize the potential.
Audi is a product of Brazil having received his MBA at the University of San Paolo upon completion of his Bachelor’s education at a Catholic University.
The countries that comprise Latin American are a study in contrast. The real estate through a combination of high altitude and being close to the equator provides the most pleasant of climates and yet the residents take this comfort in stride. Most have neither heat or air conditioning in their homes and they exist comfortably in this paradise on earth. Here the Catholic faith occupies a major part of the people’s religious concerns. And yet amongst the widespread poverty, there is a high degree of crime and violence. Having someone with the expertise of Cassio Audi is essential for any investments anywhere in Latin America.
For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.
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Cosmetic Surgery Prices

There are many people today who are interested in using plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Over the long term, this is one of the most effective ways to feel better about your overall looks. The good news is that cosmetic surgery is a lot less expensive than it used to be. Not only that, but you can start to see why there are a lot of people who are excited about the new procedures. However, it is still an expensive process that you need to understand how to use before you move forward with it. Over time, you can start to see how you can make a difference in the lives of other people in this area. Dr. Jennifer Walden has built a great career in the world of plastic surgery, and she is helping doctors across the world figure out how to benefit.




There are a lot of people who want to learn how to use cosmetic surgery to their advantage. Paying for cosmetic surgery is not easy for a variety of reasons. First of all, most of the time the surgery is voluntary. This means that the person who is getting the surgery does not really need it from a health perspective. Paying out of pocket expenses for health is not an easy thing to do for a lot of people. The good news is that people like Dr. Jennifer Walden are always there to help in case you need it. Based out of Austin, she understands what life is like for common people who do not have a lot of extra money. If you want to take your investments to the next level, she is the type of person who you should go to. In the coming yeas, she wants to help more people than ever.