The legacy that Thor Havlorssen is leaving behind

Not many people really follow up on initiatives that are for the good of the society and most especially crusading for social justice. Thor Havlorssen is one person that has always had the interests of social justice at heart. The half Norwegian and Half Mexican has been involved in causes that support and fight for human rights. He has even established the Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York.

There are many factors that led to Thor becoming the activist that he is today. When he was a young boy, he witnessed his father getting beaten and arrested for protesting about corruption in the government. Another event that shaped his future was the shooting of his mother, who had been among a group of peaceful demonstrators in Caracas. When the people behind the shooting were arrested, they were sentenced to five years, of which they served only a few months. These are the events that made him realize that there were a lot of things wrong with the society and hence the decision to make change.

He started out with a few correspondents to his cause from all over the world. However, his influence has now grown to include people from all the countries and his annual event is now being dubbed the most important human rights convention of the year. There is a number of times that he has been involved in several controversies that are connected to his human rights activities. He was at one time arrested in Vietnam when reporting about inmates’ mistreatment.One of the things that he says is that he loves humanity. He also likes to say that the only thing that makes his respect people is if they are fighting the same cause. He is quite the inspiration to people in the world of human rights activism.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation and Lower Recidivism Rates

Securus Technologies has developed a technology for offsite visitation between incarcerated men and women and their loved ones. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is now in place in about 180 correctional agencies in the United States. The company hopes to expand its presence to considerably more correctional institutions throughout North America during the coming few years.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation permits family members and friends the ability to download an easy to use app to schedule and set up visitations with their incarcerated loved ones. The system permits a great deal more flexibility when it comes to inmate visitation. It also allows for family members and friends to connect through a meaningful visitation process with greater regularity than is possible through more traditional visitation structures.


At the present time, about 160,000 individual visits occur each month through Securus Technologies Video Visitation. That comes to about 2 million visits a year through the system. To date, the Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded about 232,000 times.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is proving itself invaluable in permitting inmates to maintain healthy and regular contact with family members and friends. Research studies by criminologists reveals that those incarcerated offenders that maintain solid communication with loved ones while locked up have a better chance of success upon release. They are less likely to reoffend.


Lowering the recidivism rate is a major benefit of Video Visitation. The technology is also a highly cost effective way of cutting into the number of incarcerated offenders who end up breaking the law again.


Traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per visit, per inmate. On the other hand, Securus Technologies Video Visitation costs about $2.72 per individual visit. Stating that the savings is dramatic is an understatement. These saved funds can be expended on other programming to aid in lowering the recidivism rate and in keeping institutions and communities safer.


Bob Reina Publishes his Vision for Video in MarTech Advisor

In recognizing the power of video communication, MarTech Advisor, a marketing and technology management source of unbiased news, research, and expert commentary, has published another guest article by Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. MarTech has tapped into Reina’s crucial insights regarding video advertising particularly as Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution won the Technology Marketing Corporation’s 2016 Communications Solution Product of the Year.


Talk Fusion is in the global business of video communication. Talk Fusion’s products make the use of videos highly intuitive and its end products visually clean and sharp. With drag-and-drop interfaces, professionally designed templates, video hosting technology, and customization, Talk Fusion’s products turn video into “an advertiser’s most valuable asset.”


Last year, in Reina’s previous guest article, he introduced video communication as a way to boost the customer engagement and the bottom line. This year, he evolves the concept through his vision for video as a center of marketing strategies. By its nature, video is highly preferred by consumers, provides an experiential appeal to the audience, and provides efficient messaging compared to most other advertising mediums. Taking a look at the emerging video styles and techniques from last year, Reina identifies ways to grow the medium this year. Talk Fusion crafts a video marketing solution based on a company’s consumer trends combined with analyses of its market.


MarTech Advisor is a leading source of expert views within Marketing Technology. Its readers often consist of Chief Marketing Officers who seek the most relevant trend forecasts to imbed within their marketing strategies. With Reina’s valuable contribution in the realm of video communication, MarTech Advisor readers can share in Talk Fusion’s comprehensive understanding of video’s future.



Avi Weisfogel – The Sleep Master

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a well known name in the field of Dental care as well as in Sleep treatment. He is known for his extensive work as a dentist gaining honors from people including the title of Best Dental specialist for numerous years. He set up Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and dealt with the workplace for over 15 years. Meanwhile in his spare time, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started investigating the universe of sleep and finding out about how dental practitioners and dentists can help patients who experience sleep disorders. In 2010, he established Healthy Heart Sleep, an organization that worked with doctors far and wide and prompted them on the foundation and administration of sleep labs.


In 2012, Dr. Avi Weisfogel built up Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and started addressing dental specialists to find the most proficient method to treat patients with sleep disorders. In 2014, he built up Dental Sleep Masters to further help dental specialists to take a look inside the universe of sleep through the utilization of oral apparatuses to cure sleep issue.


Dr. Weisfogel has a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry.


As proprietor of Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel emphasis on profound learning of sleep disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel utilizes this data to help dental practitioners distinguish potential patients and to help patients secure the treatment that they require.


Although, anyone can become a victim of sleep disorder, risk of such disorders increases with more weight and an older age. Around 50% of patients with sleep disorders carry surplus weight, an association that might be because of the position of fat deposits. A neck bigger than 16 inches in ladies or 17 inches in men may likewise build the danger of breath obstacle during sleep, as the heaviness of this fat can choke the airway.


At the point when not in the office, Dr. Avi Weisfogel remains dynamic and loves to ski. An eager games fan, he takes after the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Cleveland Browns and holds season tickets every time for the New York Rangers. He likes to spend time with his family and puppy.




StoneCastle Acquires Intermedium Financial to Augment Clientele Financial Operations

StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep, LLC on Wednesday announced that it had acquired Intermedium Financial’s insured deposit sweep operations. The acquisition included FinTech and InterLINKTM platform together with other related assets.


The acquisition of Intermedium’s sweep business would solidify StoneCastle’s position as the front-runner in insured deposit provision toward institutional investors. This move aligns with their expanding strategy and aims of reaching financial advisors, brokers and dealers, 401Ks, and other market segments.


In his statement, Stephen Rotella, the CEO of StoneCastle, declared the company’s intention to become a differentiated and disruptive force in the industry. He further added that the firm looks forward to increasing the value of financial intermediaries and their customer base. This is because of the efficiency yet to be realized from the acquisition transaction. Mr. Rotella was highly optimistic because the acquired InterLink platform complemented and augmented the company’s technology-led business while exponentially expanding their business.


How the Companies Complement Each Other


StoneCastle prides itself in its sales and marketing capabilities, particularly when addressing the insured investment needs of institutional clients paired with their vast network that includes some of the largest financial institutions in the country. Mr. Rotella, furthermore, acknowledged that the incorporation of sweep assets and its features toward business operations would effectively aid StoneCastle in employing its business solutions. Registered investment advisors, brokerage companies, and other financial intermediaries experiencing challenges would be the beneficiaries. He added that clientele value would be optimized while the company’s assets grew and became more profitable.


John Marshall, Director of Intermedium, expressed his delight as they had found the right residence for their FinTech platform and sweep business. He praised StoneCastle and acknowledged its ambitious growth strategy and vibrant brand.


StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC


StoneCastle is among the best administrators of insured cash services for large institutions as well as institutional investors. The company offers its technology and operational platforms through a regular cash sweep service for brokerages, trusts, RIAs, and other services provided by financial intermediaries. The company is backed by Charlesbank Capital Partners and CIBC. StoneCastle is owned by StoneCastle Partners, LLC, founded in 2003.


Mr. Rotella Elected as LIFT’s Chairman


In December 2015, Stephen Rotella was elected as the chairman of the LIFT National Board. Kirsten Lodal, the Co-Founder of LIFT, commended Mr. Rotella for his outstanding work in his previous post as the head of the development committee. Mr. Rotella has over three decades of experience and a background in financial services in operational and strategic leadership.




Financial Advisor- Vincent Parascandola

Every individual needs a trusted financial partner, a partner who will give advice on how to invest, save, and borrow money, a partner who will be there during an emergency. It can be a daunting task to determine a trusted financial partner but not anymore.

AXA Advisor is a French cosmopolitan insurance company that has its Headquarters in Paris. AXA Advisor is considered to be one of the old insurance businesses that have been distributing tailor-made services as well as products to its clients all over the world. AXA is one of the first insurance organizations in the world. The insurance company which also acts as a financial advisor company delivers various services including offering financial advice, retirement plans, providing g life insurance, as well as employment benefits. AXA Advisor is the company for the whole family. It takes care of the education, helps their clients save and invest, and also provides financial security.

AXA Advisor was established in 1816, and since its foundation, the firm has been experiencing tremendous growth opening other location offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Middle East, United States of America, the Gulf, among other countries. For more 100 years that AXA has been in existence, it has been offering stable, affordable and reliable services and products to its clients. AXA Advisor is so much involved in community development. In 2008, it founded AXA Research Fund with a primary purpose of supporting research that emphasis on the prevention problems that are a risk to the environment, human, and the community.

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisor. At AXA Vincent is responsible for sales, management expansion, recruiting, retention, productivity, and the development of new as well as experienced professionals. Vincent brings his more than 25 years experience in the industry.

Vincent Parascandola began his career as an agent working with Prudential in 1987. He was very determined, and he was named the Rookie of the Year. In 1990 Vincent joined MONY Life Insurance Company where he was lucky to hold different leadership positions both local and international. In 2014 Mr. Vincent joined AXA Advisor. Vincent attended Pace University, New York and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Vincent is also a motivational speaker.


Unique Financing Options with Equities First

During the recent national recession and credit crisis, it has become harder than ever to acquire a personal loan in the United States. Even individuals who were previously able to meet credit and income requirements, finding a loan with a reasonably affordable interest rate was practically hard. This was the case across the board even for high-net-worth persons. Equities First come in handy where people can source loans form.

The enterprise is a specialty finance firm, which specializes in offering unique financing plans to clients. The entity regularly provides their consumers with stock-secured loans, which can then be utilized for any purpose as the borrower pleases.With a stock-secured loan, the subject borrower pledges a stock portfolio as collateral to Equities First. If the borrower, unfortunately, ends up lagging behind on their loan payments, the enterprise with then liquidates the client’s stock portfolio to either pay off the loan completely or make a loan payment. In many scenarios, Equities First is able to provide these loans at very low-interest rates and fees. While it evidently seems counter intuitive paying interest on a loan, which could be paid off through stocks sale, taking a stock secured loan could come with a number of various benefits. One of the primary benefits is that these loans allow borrowers to liquidate their stocks without having to sell them practically.

Over an extended period of time, typically stocks tend to rise in value at rates way higher than the loan’s interest rate. Additionally, many stocks generally pay out additional dividends, which a borrower can use as a source of income. As such, it makes more sense to wait and sell the stocks, and take out a loan, rather than paying off the balance over time. Equities First Holdings leverages the expertise of a vast number of trained, qualified and skilled employees who help their clients select the right plans for their loans. In addition, Equities First ensures it maintains its inherent ability of financing and lending to any individual for a good cause.


Factors That Make Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars to Embrace Kabbalah

After Madonna’s interest in Jewish mysticism that saw her study the ancient Jewish tradition and open up several Kabbalah Centers, a series of non-Jewish Hollywood stars have followed suit. Some of them include Britney Spears, Sammy Davis, Paris Hilton and the late Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. The stars revealed that they decided to study Kabbalah for different reasons. Sandra Bernhard joined the center to get help on how to cope with her break up. According to the Daily Beast, Marilyn Monroe joined Kabbalah Center to have a close family life. Sammy Davis said that he embraced Kabbalah in order to gain inner strength.

Britney Spears, who was introduced to Kabbalah by Madonna, abandoned Judaism when she broke up with her husband. She renounced all kinds of faiths explaining that her baby is her religion. Madonna said that one of the major concepts of Kabbalah teaching is to help others. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that enables people to be delightful and have a lasting fulfillment. However, some Orthodox Jews have been urging the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles to provide Kabbalah teachings to Jews above the age of 40.

About Kabbalah Center

Rav Yehuda Ashlag established Kabbalah Center in 1922. It is the largest international organization specializing in teaching Kabbalah. Its mission is to equip people with the tools and knowledge that can help improve their lives and find stability in this chaotic life. The acknowledged source of Kabbalistic wisdom has offices in 50 locations, with over 5,000 individuals studying every week across the world. They also provide online studies through lectures, books, prayer services, CD’s and DVD’s.

When Rav Yehuda died, his student, Rav Yehuda Brandwein took over the leadership of Kabbalah Center. Rav Brandwein died in 1969 and Kabbalist Rav Berg succeeded him. Berg is the current director of Kabbalah Center. Kabbalah Center bases its teachings on Zohar, the sacred text of kabbalistic wisdom and the writings of the great kabbalists of the world. The Zohar explains the mysteries and the universal spiritual systems featured in the Bible. The center offers students with an environment to grow spiritually, share ideas, and build relationships with like-minded individuals.


The Excitement That Motivates Adam Milstein

In the market that Adam Milstein is involved in for his career, he finds the real estate market to be filled with excitement. One of the reasons that he is excited with real estate is that there are a lot of different factors that are rather volatile to real estate. Therefore, he can always find different trends in the market. These trends will always give him something to look forward to. Also, Adam knows about many of the driving factors behind the trend. He is aware of the main driving factor which is the supply and demand factor that is the basis of any market.

Adam Milstein has a lot of knowledge about how supply and demand works in real estate. For one thing, the supply is often behind the demand. It makes a lot of sense because it takes time to build property. The higher quality forms of property that are built take a lot longer than the types of property that are more cheaply built. At the same time, here are other factors that could influence the amount of time it takes to build new property. This is one of the reasons that the supply is always behind the demand in real estate.

Adam Milstein is someone who takes a lot of enjoyment from working in general. He does not consider any job he has had as a bad job. He likes every job he has equally. At the same time, he is someone who keeps a good eye out for opportunities so that he will be able to build something that will benefit him and plenty of others. He approaches life as something he is excited about. He looks at life with a sense of hope that is not going to be easily quenched. He understands that a lot of life depends on the choices one makes.

The Greyhound Diaries Shines A Light On The Struggles Of Americans

Doug Levitt is a writer, musician, motivational speaker and a former journalist from Washington D.C. He is the author of the autobiographic book called the Greyhound Diaries. Mr. Levitt has also produced a music album that is based upon the book he has written and is also called the Greyhound Diaries LP. Today, Doug Levitt continues to travel across America, perform his music and share his story of his journey around America by bus.Doug Levitt comes from a middle class family that resided in Washington D.C. Growing up in Washington, he was surrounded by diversity and comfort. Despite being Jewish, Doug Levitt sang in a church choir where he developed his musical school. Doug went to work as a news reporter and foreign corespondent for various news outlets before he came back home and decided to embark upon a totally different and new experience.

Coming home from an overseas assignment, Doug had an urge to travel across his home country. He felt that a large swathe of the population was underrepresented and that their story was not being shared. Doug also realized that there was a deepening economic divide and that the economy was not working for everybody. So he set out on a trip across America that would culminate in him publishing the Greyhound Diaries book and producing the music album known as the Greyhound Diaries LP.The Greyhound Diaries is an account of how Doug Levitt traveled across the United States by buses only. He traveled by buses across major cities, rural communities and far flung corners of the country. The reason Doug choose buses as his mode of transport was because he could reach many more places with buses than by plane or train.

Doug also wanted to know what it was like to be unable to afford a car in a country where it is almost necessary in order to get around.In the Greyhound Diaries Doug touches upon the emotions he experiences and the people he meets on his journey across the United States. He includes photographs and his own journal entries as he was traveling. His music album the Greyhound Diaries LP, share the story of his travels through the medium of music.